Disciplinary Records and Disciplinary Information – LR 514.11

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Disciplinary Records and Disciplinary Information
Policy Number: LR 514.11
Effective Date: April 1, 2010 (review date)


A transcript contains only academic information and disciplinary action which denies the privilege of the student to continue in or return to the university. The notation of suspension or expulsion is removed from the official transcript by the designated official when the term of the sanction has expired or when the student has been readmitted.

Academic and disciplinary records are kept separate to minimize the risk of improper disclosure. The disciplinary records shall be treated as confidential. The contents of a student’s disciplinary record may be made available for use within the university only on the written request of the student or on direction of the chancellor or designee. Records will be given to persons outside the university only on written request of the student or in response to a court order.

The university shall maintain for every student who has been suspended or expelled, a permanent written disciplinary record of the charge, the sanction assessed, and any other pertinent information. However, for every student who has received a disciplinary sanction less than suspension or expulsion, the university shall provide for the periodic destruction of the disciplinary records after five (5) years.

Source: UALR Student Handbook 2009
Approved By: VCESS, April 1, 2010
Custodian: Student Affairs/Provost