Falsifying the Graduate School Admissions Application – LR 509.7

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Falsifying the Graduate School Admissions Application
Policy Number: LR 509.7
Effective Date: August 15, 2011

Policy Statement
UA Little Rock expects members of the university community, including applicants for admission to the Graduate School, to be honest and professional in all of their dealings with the institution.  In order to evaluate the credentials of an applicant, the Graduate School requires a portfolio of accurate information about the applicant’s academic, professional, and personal history.  The Graduate School will take action against applicants who deliberately lie or misrepresent their background in their application materials.

Consequences of Falsification, Misrepresentation, or Misleading Information in the Application Portfolio
If the false, misrepresented, or misleading information on the application portfolio is discovered:

  1. Before the application process is completed, the application will not be processed and no admission offer will be forthcoming.
  2. After admission and prior to enrollment, the admission offer will be rescinded.
  3. After admission and enrollment, the student will be administratively withdrawn from all classes and dismissed from the Graduate School; institutional financial assistance will be terminated retroactively and all tuition and other awards made to the student must be repaid.
  4. After a degree or certificate has been earned, the degree or certificate will be revoked.

Under no circumstances will the applicant receive a refund of his/her application fee or tuition and fees.

Evidence suggesting that an applicant has lied, misrepresented, or acted to mislead reviewers with respect to any component of the applicant’s background will be brought to the Dean of the Graduate School. The Dean of the Graduate School will evaluate the relevant evidence and consult with any parties involved with the application prior to making a decision regarding the disposition of the application. If the applicant/student/graduate wishes to appeal the decision, an appeal may be made to the Associate Dean of Students, after which institutional student appeals processes will be implemented.

No punitive action against the applicant/student/graduate will occur until the issue is resolved.

Approved by: Graduate Council
Custodian: Vice Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School