Graduation Agreement Program (Act 1014) – 514.8

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Graduation Agreement Program (Act 1014)
Policy Number: 514.8
Effective Date: April 1, 2010 (Review Date)


Act 1014 of the 2005 Arkansas Legislature gives first‐time entering college freshman (students who have never taken courses at any university before) the option of signing a contract with UA Little Rock guaranteeing graduation in eight (8) semesters of planned, closely supervised study.

Eligible Degree Programs

Please note that Act 1014 is only one of many paths to successful completion of a college degree. Choosing to waive participation in Act 1014 will not affect your chance for a successful college career. When choosing to participate in the Act 1014 guaranteed eight (8) semester degree completion program, a student accepts responsibility for monitoring his or her progress toward a degree and for making choices, in consultation with an Act 1014 compliance advisor, that will lead to graduation in eight (8) semesters.

To be eligible to participate in this program, a student must agree to:

  1. Choose an intended degree program (major) from the list of participating programs and be a degree‐seeking student who will graduate at UA Little Rock. This program is only available for one major plus minor or one major/minor (combination) degree program. Two‐year Associate’s degree students are not eligible.
  2. Submit all required admissions credentials (high school transcripts or GED test record; ACT, SAT, Compass Exam and/or Advanced Placement (AP) scores; and immunization record) by July 15.
  3. Meet with the intended major (degree program) advisor before August 1.
  4. Sign a degree program contract with the intended major advisor during the initial advising session (to be held before August 1).
  5. Submit ACT, SAT, Compass Exam, and/or Advanced Placement (AP) test scores that place him or her above all developmental (pre‐college level) course requirements.
  6. Enroll continuously (cannot skip enrollment in a semester for any reason) at or above full‐time student status (12 or more hours as detailed in the degree plan contract each semester).

Failure to meet any of these conditions will require that a student waive participation in the Act 1014 program. If you know that you will not or cannot fulfill these eligibility requirements, you must waive participation in the Act 1014 program now, or you will be required to waive participation at the time of your first advisement session. Once your Act 1014 option is waived, this one‐time decision is final.

Please be advised that your continued participation in the Act 1014 program requires many responsibilities on your part, including your agreement to:

  1. Follow exactly the eight (8) semester degree plan for the intended major and minor degree program as outlined in the degree program contract, including taking the number of hours (full‐time or more) specified by the contract.
  2. Never change the major, minor, concentrations, or emphasis of your degree program after your Act 1014 contract is signed.
  3. Meet all program requirements semester to semester as detailed in your degree plan and never be placed on academic probation or suspension for any semester of enrollment.
  4. Have your class schedule approved by your official Act 1014 departmental advisor and register for classes each semester during the early registration period.
  5. Accept any available course section that can be accommodated in your class schedule, or notify your official Act 1014 advisor in writing that a contract variation or adjustment will be required before the first day of classes.
  6. Enroll continuously (cannot skip enrollment in a semester for any reason) and complete at least 30‐36 semester credit hours of approved coursework each academic year as outlined in your degree plan contract.

Other events based on your actions that may void the guarantee include the dropping or failure of a course, withdrawal (for any reason) from the university, non‐payment of tuition or fees, and disciplinary actions.

Failure to meet any of the above conditions means that a student has voided his or her Act 1014 program agreement, and will be excluded from further participation in the Act 1014 degree guarantee. If you know that you will not or cannot fulfill these program responsibilities, you may waive participation in the Act 1014 program now, or you will be required to void further participation at the time of the first advisement session after a responsibility has been voided. Once your Act 1014 option is voided, the decision is final. For more information, and GAP adviser resources, about Act 1014, visit: the GAP page on the Advising Central website.

Source: UALR Undergraduate Catalog 2009-10, p. 29
Approved By: VCESS, April 1, 2010
Custodian: Office of Academic Advising