Handling and Resolution Student Complaints – LR 512.6

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Handling and Resolution of Student Complaints
Policy Number: LR 512.6
Effective Date: April 4, 2019
Revised Date: April 4, 2019
Most Recent Review Date: April 4, 2019

Student Complaint

A formal complaint is a complaint about some aspect of a student’s education or campus experience for which a student desires resolution. Some formal complaints are governed by specific procedures: e.g., grade appeals, discrimination, ADA, and harassment [see Grade Appeals Policy LR 501.6 (Academic Integrity & Grievance Committee); Americans with Disabilities Act; Rehabilitation Act (Human Resources); Title IX Policy LR 401.7 (Human Resources), Non-Discrimination Policy LR 201.1 (Human Resources), and Student Accounts or Financial Aid appeals. This policy governs all other formal complaints made at the level of a dean’s office and above.

Complaint Procedure and Process

When a student has a formal complaint for which resolution is desired, the complaint must be logged in writing with the Dean of Students Office. If the complaint may be resolved by following an existing grievance policy or procedure, the student will be provided information regarding said policy or procedure. The log for complaints will list the date of the complaint, contact information for the student making the complaint (if not submitted anonymously), and a brief summary of the complaint. Every non-anonymous formal complaint will receive an acknowledgment that the complaint has been received, and a written response of any resolution actions taken. The resolution response will include information regarding procedures for appeal. In the case of complaints where students wish to remain anonymous, actions toward resolution will still be logged.

The log for student complaints must also contain information (e.g. contact name, unit or location, method of contact) of the person designated to resolve the complaint as well as any decisions made in regard to the complaint and its resolution. The person or unit about whom the complaint is made will have the opportunity to respond. The Dean of Students Office and the office overseeing continuous improvement will ensure an annual review of the complaint log to determine if any relevant policies need to be developed or changed as well as to determine how to improve procedures related to formal complaints.

Appeals Procedure

Once a complaint has been forwarded to the appropriate unit for review, a resolution action has been taken, and that resolution has been communicated to the student, the student may appeal if the student is dissatisfied with the resolution. The appeal will be in writing and will be sent to the appropriate office at the next level of authority, up to the vice chancellor of the respective unit. The Dean of Students Office should counsel the student and provide any necessary information regarding the appeals process. The person or unit about whom the complaint is made will have the opportunity to respond to the appeal. The vice chancellor’s decision on an appeal is final.

Conflict of Interest

If, at any point in this process, a conflict of interest is presented, an alternate representative may be selected by the vice chancellor for student affairs or designee.


Every effort will be made to ensure confidentiality of the student complaint log, within the bounds of federal and state laws.

Status: Active
Originator: Chancellor’s Office
Custodian: Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Student’s Office
Approved By: Andrew Rogerson, Chancellor, April 4, 2019