Student Death Protocol – LR 519.6

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Student Death Protocol
Policy Number: LR 519.6
Effective Date: February 1, 2016
Revised Dates: –
Most Recent Review Date: –


Policy Statement

A student’s death can have a significant impact on a university community. This impact calls for a sensitive and well-planned response. It is critical that we conduct ourselves with the highest degree of compassion and professionalism while maintaining clear communication among the various staff that will be performing specific tasks related to a student death. To that end, the following protocol has been developed to ensure a caring, professional, coordinated, and consistent response.

The vice provost for student affairs and dean of students or designee has the responsibility for coordinating UA Little Rock’s response. This response is designed to:

  • Ease the level of stress for the family and/or beneficiaries.
  • Provide accurate information and appropriate notifications to the university community.
  • Provide a comprehensive response effort, involving the appropriate university departments and offices.


If someone receives information of a student’s death, they should immediately notify the vice provost for student affairs and dean of students at 501-916-3328 and/or Department of Public Safety at 501-916-3400. Once notified, the vice provost for student affairs and dean of students will immediately notify the chancellor, executive vice chancellor and provost, university registrar, and associate vice chancellor of communications and marketing of the student’s death.

The vice provost for student affairs and dean of students will appoint a liaison to act as a central contact for the family and university. The liaison will be responsible for notifying other departments and offices by distributing the “Notification of Student Death” memorandum. The memorandum serves as official notification of the student’s death, and includes communication and action related to student records, accounts, personal property, academics, family member contacts, eligibility for posthumous academic degree, and other related matters.

The liaison then will take the lead in communicating with those departments to ensure completion of all procedure necessary to close the student’s record.

Once notified, the liaison will:

  1. Verify the student is deceased.
  2. Distribute the “Notification of Student Death” memorandum to the appropriate university offices and departments. (Memorandum serves as official notification of the student’s death and prompts departments to initiate internal procedures.)
  3. Immediately notify the following university personnel:
    1. Chancellor
    2. Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
    3. University Registrar
    4. Associate Vice Chancellor for Communications and Marketing
    5. Director of Counseling Services
    6. Appropriate Academic Dean and Chair
    7. Bursar’s Office
    8. Director of Financial Aid
    9. Director of Student Housing
    10. Other departments and offices as deemed appropriate (e.g., IT Services, Alumni, Housing, International Student Services, Ottenheimer Library, Donaghey Student Center, etc.).
  4. Take the lead in communicating with departments to ensure the completion of all internal procedures necessary to close the student’s record.
  5. Offer condolences and assist the family with immediate needs as it relates to the university.
  6. Gather information on funeral, visitation, and memorial arrangements.

Letter from Chancellor

Source: Student Affairs
Status: Active
Approved By: Chancellor Joel E. Anderson, February 1, 2016
Custodian: Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs