Policy and Procedure Style Instructions


Policies and procedures are typed in Word using the Times New Roman font. The policy template is copied and pasted on to a new document. The template includes the Heading (Policy Title, Policy Number, and Effective Date) and the Footer (Source, Revised, Approved By – followed by the date, and Custodian).

University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name:
Policy Number:
Effective Date:

Approved By:


Start by typing in the policy name and header, if it is known. If the policy is new or does not have a number, then assign it to the section that is most appropriate and put in the section number followed by a blank:

Policy Number: 4____

University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Academic Probation Policy
Policy Number: 5____
Effective Date: January 1, 2009


In the footer, list the source of the information. If the source is a publication, italicize the name of the publication and add the page number. If there are multiple sources, list as many as space will allow.


Source: UALR Undergraduate Catalog 2009-10, p. 12 and Faculty Senate Minutes

If the policy has been revised, put the original document in the Source field with the date and list the next version as the first revision. The last revision date should also appear in the Header as the Effective Date.


Revised: May 21, 1996; June 7, 2003

List any approvals of the policy by the chancellor or vice chancellors by name and followed by the date approved. Also list any approvals by the Faculty Senate, UA Board of Trustees, or committees followed by the date of approval.


Approved By: Dr. Joel Anderson, March 1, 2004  OR Committee on Recycling, May 30, 2007

For the Custodian field, a person or office will be assigned to be responsible for updating the policy by the Policy on Policies Committee or other group, such as the Chancellor’s Leadership Group.

Body of Document

The main body of the document should start with the word “Policy” in 12 pt. and bold followed by a colon. Usually the content can be cut and pasted from another document and then put in Times New Roman 12.



Students may be placed on academic probation ….

Some policies will have a section stating the purpose of the policy.

Saving Documents

After completing the policy, save it using the name of the policy and include the word policy on the end of the name. Any source document used to make this policy should be saved as the name without the word policy on the end. If more than one source document is used, then add a number to the end of the name


Policy = Academic Probation Policy.docx

Source Document = Academic Probation 1.docx and Academic Probation 2.docx

Now you are ready to save the document to a file. The files are located in a folder called UALR Policies. The folders in this file are organized from 100 to 800. The number scheme is based on the UA Board of Trustees Policy numbering system.

100     Organization of UALR

200     Administration Policies

300     Business Policies

400     Faculty and Staff Affairs Policies

500     Student Affairs Policies

600     Educational Programs Policies

700     Facilities Policies

800     Athletic Policies

The committee reviewing and approving the policy will make the final determination of the section where each policy belongs.

After a number or section is assigned, save the policy to the folder of the same section number.

Page Layout and Formatting

All policies should be saved using the same margins (1 inch on all sides). Draft documents should be watermarked from the page layout tab using the Draft 1 style. Then using the insert tab, insert the page number at the bottom of the page using the 3rd style. This places the page number in the lower right corner. Save the changes and to print preview. Check to see if the footer is placed close to the bottom of the page before printing. Print out the policy and the source documents. Paper clip the source documents to the back of the policy. The paper policies will be stored in folders or notebooks. At the time of this writing, they are stored in a different expanding folder for each section.


The procedures may be included with some policies. If they are, leave them in that format. If they are separate, start a new page after the last one in the policy and type “Procedure for: (insert policy name and number) at the top.” Then paste the procedures in using the same margins and formatting as for the policy.

Master Policy List

Then add the policy to the Master Policy List Excel spreadsheet. Add in the required information and save the list.