Publication of Website Privacy Practices – LR 204.7

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name:Publication of Website Privacy Practices
Policy Number: LR 204.7
Effective Date: April 4, 2019
Revised Date: New Policy – April 4, 2019
Most Recent Review Date: New Policy – April 4, 2019


This policy defines the official websites of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock for the purpose of compliance with Ark. Code §25-1-114 and governs the publication and maintenance of website privacy practices at UA Little Rock.

Official Websites

Except as noted, information related to university website privacy practices applies to all official University of Arkansas at Little Rock websites within the university domain ( Official websites are defined as those administered through the university content management system such as university colleges and schools, main departments, divisions, or other units typically reported to or deemed official by the chancellor, provost, vice chancellors, deans, directors, or department heads/chairs.

Official websites comply with the university template, graphics, and web standards managed by the Office of Communications and Marketing. Certain websites or web applications may have their own or supplementary privacy practices appropriate to their function or as required by law.

Within the university domain ( are various websites that are not maintained by the university. These unofficial websites include but are not limited to Registered Student Organization (RSO) sites, personal sites of faculty, staff, or students, and sites for various other campus entities.

Publication of Privacy Practices

The Office of Communications and Marketing – in collaboration with Information Technology Services and the Office of General Counsel – shall publish and maintain a Privacy Practices website to meet the following objectives:

  • Inform website visitors about how the university may collect and use information on official university websites.
  • Identify any mandatory collection practices as well as how a visitor may opt into or opt out of non-mandatory data collection.
  • Describe under what circumstances the university may disclose or share such information.
  • Update visitors about website modifications when there are changes to privacy practices or related technologies.

A link to the Privacy Practices website should be placed on the university homepage and on any other websites that collect or use data.

Sources: Ark. Code §25-1-114
Status: Active
Originator: Communications and Marketing
Custodian: Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
Approved By: Chancellor Andrew Rogerson, April 4, 2019