Procurement Services Covid-19 Update

In aligning with the university’s prevention and preparation efforts, the UA Little Rock Procurement Services department would like to provide guidance and support related to procurement and travel procedures.

Virus Related Spend Tracking: As part of our ongoing response to the COVID-19 virus, we are establishing procedures to track costs associated with our efforts.  Examples of virus-related spend would be extra cleaning supplies, IT equipment for online or working remotely, non-refundable travel cancellation charges, etc.

Finance Services has established an activity code to track virus-related spend. Departments and offices should begin using activity code COVD19 immediately. The activity code is part of the FOAPAL in Banner and is also used in reallocating credit card expenses in US bank.  Requesters and cardholders will need to remember to include the activity code in requisitions and reallocation of credit card purchases.

Departments and offices should keep track of all virus related spend that has already been incurred and ensure that future spend is using the new activity code.  Directions for credit card allocations and requisition Banner FOAPALs are located on the procurement webpage.  If you have questions email

Procurement: UA Little Rock procurement processes and policies are still in place. If an exception is needed, such as home delivery, an email with the location, details of what and why something is being purchased and the delivery location should be emailed to and a supervisor copied as well. Please note that any items delivered off-site remain property of the university.  If a request or communication is sent without supporting information it will slow down the process and further disrupt functions.

Electronic Approvals: Electronic approvals will be accepted, where possible to accommodate social distancing.  Examples of acceptable electronic approvals would be for the card logs and request forms.

Credit Card Logs: Procurement Services will accept electronic submission of Reconciliation Reports for CTS, P-Cards, and T-Cards.  These logs may be submitted through the document submission portal. Directions on the submission process are located on the procurement webpage.

Travel Cancelation Charges: All out of state and international travel has been suspended until May 1, 2020. Travelers are encouraged to seek travel-related refunds as appropriate from transportation providers, hotels, conferences, etc.  If a refund is not provided for out of pocket expenses on an approved travel authorization (TA), the traveler may be reimbursed by submitting a Travel Reimbursement Claim Form (TR-1). A short explanation of the expense will need to be submitted as supporting documentation. Departments should track virus-related spend including fees and charges for canceled or rescheduled travel.

Future Travel: With the rapidly changing status of university activity and travel, please consider the situation and counsel with your supervisor before pursuing your request through Procurement Services.  There could be financial implications for planned commitments for events that are currently in the process of being canceled or could be canceled in the near future.

Thank you for working with Procurement Services and for your patience and understanding during these unique times. Please plan and anticipate for slower processing times as we help get the campus supported in these new efforts. If you have questions or concerns the best method of communication is  We also encourage you to check the UA Little Rock COVID-19 website for updates and changes.

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