Mobile Institute on Scientific Teaching (MoSI)

MoSI is an immersive active learning workshop to benefit all students at UA Little Rock across disciplines.

MoSI is organized by UA Little Rock faculty for UA Little Rock faculty.
2024 MoSI Workshop
Dates: May 13 -17th in person (9:00 am – 4:30 pm, lunch provided from 12-1).

Participate in person! Ottenheimer Library Room 100A.

Questions? Mark Baillie, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Apply here!

Why MoSI?

Overwhelming evidence shows that students perform better in active learning classrooms. A finding across the literature shows that students are 1.5 times more likely to pass compared to students in sections that use traditional lecturing only.

Goal is to Retain students

At UA Little Rock, 94 classes (more than 10% of those offered in Fall 2019) had a DFW rate of greater than 40 percent. The MoSI workshop will help you improve student learning without watering down course goals, regardless of if the class is in person, hybrid, or online-only, so more students learn the material and progress toward their degrees.

More about the MoSI Workshop

The workshop is open to ALL faculty that teach at UA Little Rock, not just science faculty (as may be inferred by the name of the workshop).

The UA Little Rock MoSI will expand and sharpen participants’ teaching skills through workshops facilitated by national science education experts and many of our own faculty members! Participants will have a hands-on experience of the impact of evidence-based teaching approaches such as active learning and inclusive teaching practices, with deliberate and backward design. This workshop has been identified as a major transformative event in the career of many college faculty, from R1 institutions to community colleges.

How to Apply

Applications are now open for the Summer 2024 MoSI workshop! Submit your application here.

Find out more about the national movement at the national Mobile Institute on Scientific Teaching (MoSI) website.

Want to donate to support the MoSI workshop’s community building and teaching excellence efforts? Give today at this link!