Political Science Program Goals

Knowledge Goals – students majoring in political science will be exposed to a wide range of substantive information about the world of politics, covering subjects such as:

  • The history, characteristics, and impact of political institutions and systems, including international, national, state, and local governments
  • The behavior of individual actors at both the mass and elite levels
  • The processes involved in creating government policy and the impact of those policies
  • The debates over the normative foundations of the state, the scope of its activities, and the nature of justice

Skill Goals – students majoring in political science will develop practical and marketable skills which will help them to apply that knowledge to any number of career paths. These skills include:

  • Critical thinking – the ability to read and evaluate primary texts, ideas, theories, and political analysis
  • Analysis/Research – the ability to pose and answer questions effectively
  • Argumentation/Persuasion – the ability to use logic and evidence to build a persuasive argument
  • Written and Verbal Communication – the ability to communicate ideas clearly on paper or through oral presentations
  • Working in Groups – the ability to effectively coordinate with others on a project
  • Practical Applications – the ability to take information gained through coursework and use it effectively in real world or simulated exercises