University Website Redesign Update – Oct. 2023

Dear Campus Community,

The fall semester is in full swing, and we’d like to share an update on the progress the Office of Communications and Marketing is making toward the redesigned university website.

Recent Updates

We recently completed several updates to tools and plugins that support the university website:

  • Updated the university events calendar to have a more modern and clean design with enhanced features
  • Created a custom site-search tool for the Policy website to make it easier to find specific policies
  • Updated our Yoast SEO plugin which is used to enhance our site’s search rankings

Wireframes and Design

This fall, we are focusing on finishing the wireframes and working on the designs. A wireframe is a visual guide that represents the framework of a website. It is similar to how a floor plan shows the structure and layout of a house. The completed wireframes will then be turned into designs that will show the colors, fonts, and styling of the new site. We are excited to share this progress with the campus soon.

Website Content Audits

The website includes more than 180 sites and nearly 7,000 pages. We continue to work with departments to review and update their website content. To better support departments, we are scheduling meetings with editors to expedite the review process and determine what edits are needed. Learn more about the content audit process and how you can get started.

These site updates focus on the content and minor design improvements. The theme and overall look will not change until the new site is built. This is why it’s imperative to review and update the content, so that outdated and irrelevant information isn’t brought over to the new site.

Recently completed sites:

Construction Management
Interpreter Education
Speech Language Pathology
Applied Science
Business Information Systems
Economics and Finance
International Business
Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies

Before and After

The content updates for the Construction Management and Civil and Construction Engineering site were completed in April. Since then, pageviews to the Bachelor of Science in Civil & Construction Engineering page are up 625% and time spent on that page is up 51%.

Pageviews to the Bachelor of Science in Construction Management page are up 263%. Additionally, entries to the site’s Request More Information form have tripled when compared to the same time period.

The Business Information Systems and Analytics site was reviewed and updated in May. Since then, the site’s overall pageviews have increased by 12%.

We know how important the website is in helping future and current students learn more about UA Little Rock, and we appreciate the many faculty and staff who partnered with us this summer to review and update their sites.

Thank you for your support during this process and go Trojans!

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