Welcome to the home page for undergraduate studies in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing. We are proud to offer the only Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional and Technical Writing (PTW) in the state of Arkansas.

B.A. in Professional and Technical Writing

If you are interested in declaring a major in Professional and Technical Writing, it is important to get advised as soon as possible. For advising appointments, please contact:

On-campus B.A.:
Dr. Joyce Locke Carter
Main Office: 501-916-6453
Email: jlcarter@ualr.edu

Online B.A.:
Dr. Heidi Skurat Harris
Main Office: 501-916-6467
Email: haharris@ualr.edu


  • RHET 3322 Introduction to Professional and Technical Writing
  • RHET 3301 Editing for Usage, Style and Clarity
  • RHET 3315 Persuasive Writing
  • RHET 3326 Technical Writing
  • RHET 3317  Nonfiction
  • RHET 4305 Document Design
  • RHET 4301 Theories of Rhetoric and Writing
  • RHET 4190 Colloquium in Rhetoric and Writing
    • NOTE: The core requirement for this course will be to develop a professional portfolio.
  • 15 Hours of RHET Electives: The electives may not include RHET 3316, not more than 6 hours total in the following: internships, independent writing projects, and/or upper level MCOM courses.
  • 12 hours of electives (upper or lower division) outside the department per university policy.

Recommended Sequence of Courses:

  • Immediately after declaring the major, take RHET 3322 and RHET 3301.
  • Then, focus on 3000-level courses, which are the prerequisites for 4000-level courses.
  • RHET 4305 Document Design applies to all types of professional writing and should be taken early in the major.
  • Take RHET 4301 in the first semester as a senior, and take RHET 4190 in the last semester before graduation.

Note:  Some online courses for this program alternate between synchronous and asynchronous formats from semester to semester. Synchronous offerings may include required video conference meetings offered at various times, with most scheduled for evenings and weekends.  *Synchronous requirements are applicable to students admitted in Spring 2023 or later.  Please contact the program coordinator for more information regarding course rotation.

Minor in Professional and Technical Writing

A minor in writing requires 18 hours beyond the core curriculum requirements. Selection may be made from any of the Rhetoric and Writing courses.

M.A. in Professional and Technical Writing

For more information about our master’s degree, visit the Graduate Degree page.

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