Daily Digest – April 14, 2020


Please stop by the Campus Garden tomorrow, Wednesday, April 15, between 1 and 5 p.m. to pick up some free veggies!

Here is what we have available:

Beets, Collards, Asian Greens (similar to Bok Choy), Russian Kale, Swiss Chard, Lettuce, Spinach, Turnips (limited), Siberian Kale (limited), Mustard Greens (limited)

The Campus Garden is located at 3340 Fair Park Blvd, across from U.S. Pizza, next to the University Police station. Park in the small parking lot in front of the police station. When you arrive, please stay in your vehicle. One of our staff will take your order, fill a bag, and place the bag in your vehicle.

These vegetables are free, but we are always happy to accept donations to the Garden. Information directing you to our Campus Garden donation page will be included with your vegetables, or you can click here to donate anytime!


Attorney General Alert: Be Wary of Middlemen Promising Protective Equipment From Foreign Manufacturers.

As state and local governments, hospitals and health care organizations, and businesses have worked to acquire personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect their employees and citizens from exposure, many middleman businesses have arisen to broker deals with foreign manufacturers in order to supply the desperately-needed equipment. These brokers purport to offer NIOSH-approved masks, face shields and gowns in mass quantities but at inflated prices. Furthermore, many brokers cannot verify the quality of the products or the authenticity of their overseas sources. Read More

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