An invitational tournament is a Science Olympiad tournament which is a smaller tournament and does not affect regional and/or state tournaments. Typically teams use these types of tournaments as tryouts.

Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament Requirements

Participation in an invitational tournament is optional. Typically, an invitational tournament charges a separate entry fee. Note: All teams must first register with the Arkansas and National Science Olympiad program before they register for an invitational tournament.

Invitational Tournaments in Arkansas

There are currently no invitational tournaments scheduled in Arkansas. If your school is interested in running an invitational tournament, please contact the state director.

Invitational Tournaments in Other States

Louisiana Tech University, Ruston LA

Friendship Christian School, Lebanon, TN, Division B Tournament

Harvard University Division C Invitational Tournament

Complete List of Invitational Tournaments at SOINC