Starting a Team

Below are some guidelines for starting a team.

  1. Visit the Arkansas Science Olympiad website and the National Science Olympiad website (
    • Learn about the events offered
    • Read about organizing a team
    • Find out about the history and value of Science Olympiad
    • Talk to teachers at other schools who have already participated in a Science Olympiad
  2. Form your team
    • Determine which Division you belong in. Division B is Middle School (Grades 6 – 9) and Division C is High School (Grades 9 – 12)
    • You can have as few as 2 student to as many as 15 students on a team
    • For Division B teams, you can have at most five 9th graders
    • For Division C teams, you can have at most seven 12th grader
  3. Join the Science Olympiad Organization
    • Fill out the membership form
    • The cost is $90 ($60 for the national fee and $30 for the state fee) per team
    • A coaches manual will be sent to you after you have registered your team
  4. Select the events
    • You may want to limit the number of events you will compete in your first year
    • Have regular team meetings for practice
    • Put together a list of supplies that you will need
    • get your supplies and organize them in a bin
    • Have fun while learning (the most important part!)
    • Stress safety at all times
  5. Get help from other people
    • Parents, alumni, other teachers and friends of the school are great resources
  6. Attend the competition
    • Arrive on time
    • Take pictures!! (and send us some too!)