A State-wide Paid Professional Development Program for Arkansas Middle and High School STEM Teachers

The goal of the STRIVE program is to prepare and empower the future STEM workforce of Arkansas by increasing middle and high school students’ awareness of the diversity of jobs requiring STEM skills and helping our students become more prepared to work in those jobs. While many programs work with the students themselves, STRIVE focuses on working with Arkansas STEM teachers, providing opportunities for teachers to become immersed in an organization for a short period during the summer to see first-hand how diverse and far-reaching the skills they teach in their classroom related to the real world. The summer placement is dovetailed with training and support in how to incorporate these experiences into their classroom, promoting approaches such as science inquiry and problem-based learning.

Thinking about joining the program as a teacher or business but want to learn more?

Please navigate the rest of our website for tons of examples and information about the STRIVE program. If more information is needed, please reach out to one of our team members.


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