An Arkansas-wide Professional Development Program for 7-12th grade STEM Teachers

In partnership with businesses and teachers across the state, we are working to grow a more capable and qualified workforce in all parts of Arkansas.

We are accepting applications from businesses and teachers all across the state to participate in STRIVE 2020! Specifically, we want to open opportunities in historically under-served communities where motivated teachers complete an internship with local businesses.

Where are our 2020 business partners?

2020 STRIVE Business Partners – Google My Maps

An up to date map of Business partners for the UA Little Rock STRIVE Program 2020

Don’t see a business in your community yet? Help build connections and put us in touch with someone you know!


Placing teachers in local businesses for an internship during the summer of 2020 will be done in order to:

  1. Increase student awareness of the many jobs that utilize the skills and concepts that are being taught in their STEM classes.
  2. Increase the capability of students to apply for and be successful in those jobs, within their community and beyond.


Do you want to find new ways to help your students prepare for jobs that employ the STEM skills taught in your classroom? Join our 5-week program for 2020 and learn first-hand the diversity of jobs that utilize STEM skills. In addition to being placed at a business in your community for 4 weeks, we’ll work with you to build skills and conceptual understanding in your classroom during 5 days of professional development.


Do you want to bring in a fresh perspective to help move a back-burner project along? Or maybe your company wants to build connections with schools in your area to work on future workforce development? If so, apply to host one or more Arkansas STEM teachers at your business for a 4 week placement! Think “internship” with some added supports for the teachers to ensure that their experience influences their classrooms in the fall.

For more information, contact the Director of the STRIVE Program, Dr. Mark Baillie at STRIVE is funded by the Arkansas Legislature.


2019 Participants

2019 STRIVE Business Partners and Teachers – Google My Maps

These businesses and teachers partnered together to make 2019 an incredibly successful year!