The UA Little Rock STEM Education Center is a vehicle to coordinate and connect activities across the UA Little Rock campus with partners in K-12 schools and others interested in STEM.  Supporting faculty, staff, and students who focus on STEM, the partnership sponsors events and activities to bring interested parties together and to feature best practices and innovations developed across the country in STEM Education.  We also serve as an organizing point for large-scale projects on campus to help improve STEM education across the educational system in Arkansas and the mid-south region.

Our primary goal for the center is to serve as a point of coordination and connection to the range of resources available at UA Little Rock – people, places, and curriculum.  This site is the portal through which you will be able to access many of these unique resources.

UA Little Rock has a long history with K-12 education.  We want to promote a focus on STEM education by offering opportunities for K-12 and college students, pre-service and in-service teachers and other interested parties to engage with these key areas and ultimately contribute to the national effort to improve STEM education.

We are located in ETAS 125. Additionally, our science and mathematics checkout area and demonstration classroom are also located in ETAS on the first floor. For more information, contact Kent Layton, Keith Harris, or Sandra Leiterman.