Learning Assistant Program (LAP)

A Learning Assistant Program supports Learning Assistants, faculty, and students by transforming courses so that they are more closely aligned with research-based instructional strategies.

The UA Little Rock Learning Assistant Program is based on the national learning assistant model developed at the University of Colorado Boulder. More information on learning assistant programs can be found on the Learning Assistant Alliance site.

At UA Little Rock, our goal is to train undergraduates how to learn, while giving them the tools to help other students learn. To do this, Learning Assistants (LAs) take a course on the science of learning where they learn all about evidence-based instruction while building a community dedicated to making learning more equitable for all. LAs work with faculty to design, implement, and in some cases assess the impact of active learning instruction in both online and face-to-face courses.

“The biggest takeaway for me with being an LA were the interactions with the students and being able to see the connection with subjects taught click for them individually and them trying to explain that with their group. It was constantly something to learn and you definitely don’t have to be fully confident in your skills with the subject you teach just as long as you’re passionate about it and feel like you can contribute something to the program you will be a great fit. ”

-Excerpts from a letter to a future Learning Assistant

FERPA/CITI Document Submission

2022 Fall Courses Offering Learning Assistants

Faculty Member Name Name of Course (s)
Dr. Mark Baillie General Chemistry 1
Ms. Ronia Kattoum Fundamentals of GOB Chemistry
Dr. Stefanie Leacock Genetics
Dr. Becki Street College Algebra
Dr. Miles Blanton College Physics 1
Dr. Juliette Rivero General Chemistry 1
Dr. Michael Moore The Science of Teaching and Learning in STEM Courses
Dr. Lakeshia Leggitt Jones Intro To Statistical Methods
Dr. Brian Walker Organic Chemistry 1
Dr. Laura Ruhl Physical Geology
Shannon Bione Physical Geology Lab

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To learn more about the LA Program, email the program coordinator, Dr. Michael Moore