Chemistry Faculty

Program Coordinator

Dr. Juliette Rivero Walker – Instructor of Chemistry

Contact Information

Office Location: SCLB 451
Office Phone: 501-916-6542 / 501-916-6548

Teaching Interests: General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry


Dr. Jerome (Jerry) A. Darsey – Professor of ChemistryDarsey, Jerry A.
Director of the Center for Molecular Design and Development
Computational Chemistry/Physical Chemistry

Contact Information

Office Location: SCLB 485
Office Phone: 501-916-6541

Research Interests: Computer modeling techniques of atomic and molecular systems for elucidation of chemical and physical properties

Dr. Mark Baillie – Assistant Professor of Chemistry
STEM/Chemical Education

Contact Information

Office Location: ETAS 125
Office Phone: 501-301-4695

Research Interests: Chemistry Education Research: How people learn is tied to so many factors before you arrive on campus and many that are present in the classrooms. I am curious how faculty training (professional development), in-class teaching strategies, and student background all play a role in student success. See more about our research group here!

Dr. Robert (Bob) E. Belford – Professor of Chemistry
Chemical Education

Contact Information

Office Location: FH 215
Office Phone: 501-916-6540

Research Interests: Chemistry education and development of educational material and tools; cheminformatics; Internet of Things

Berry, BrianDr. Brian Berry – Vice Provost of Research and Dean of the Graduate School, Professor of Chemistry
Organic Chemistry/Materials Chemistry

Contact Information

Office Location: LIB 501B
Office Phone: 501-916-6215

Research Interests: Polymer-tethered nanoparticles; Photoactive nanoparticles; Zone annealing block copolymers

Ghosh, AnindyaDr. Anindya Ghosh – Associate Dean, Professor of Chemistry
Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry

Contact Information

Office Location: EIT 628
Office Phone: 501-916-5197

Research Interests: Development and applications of novel homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts; Development of materials and catalysts for sustainable energy research; Novel nanomaterials for biological applications

Dr. Keith Hudson – Professor of Chemistry
Director of Arkansas Space Grant Consortium and NASA/EPSCoR Programs
Analytical and Physical Chemistry/Specialties in Instrumentation and Spectroscopy

Contact Information

Office Location: SCLB 455
Office Phone: 501-916-3213
NASA Office: FH 506A

Research Interests: Rocket and combustion science; Instrumentation and methods in spectroscopy and laser applications

Siraj, NoureenDr. Noureen Siraj – Associate Professor of Chemistry
Analytical/Materials Chemistry

Contact Information

Office Location: SCLB 457
Office Phone: 501-916-6544

Research Interests: Synthesis, characterization, and application of optoelectronic nano-materials; Novel tunable materials for highly efficient photovoltaic cells; Development of novel drugs and therapies for cancer treatment; Sensor design and applications; Design, characterization, and applications of supercapacitors

Brian WalkerDr. Brian L. Walker – Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Organic and Medicinal Chemistry

Contact Information

Office Location: SCLB 473
Office Phone: 501-916-6549

Research Interests: Synthetic Methodology; Natural Product Synthesis

Wei ZhaoDr. Wei ZhaoProfessor of Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry/Laser Spectroscopy/Nanochemistry

Contact Information

Office Location: SCLB 481
Office Phone: 501-916-6547

Research Interests: Nanostructure-Assisted Water Splitting for Hydrogen Production and Storage; Optical Nonlinearity and Structure Relationships of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes; Development of Novel Doubly Vibrationally Enhanced (DOVE) Four Wave Mixing Spectroscopy; Applications of 2D IR Correlation Spectroscopy for Molecular Interaction Study; Synthesis and Study of Novel Nanostructural Lanthanide Ion-Doped Materials for Optical Data Storage, Signal Processing and Optical Sensors


Jacqueline Willis – Administrative Analyst

Contact Information
Office Location: SCLB 451
Office Phone: 501-916-6546
Fax: 501-916-3838

Emeritus Faculty

Marian Douglas
Senior Instructor

Dr. Jeffrey (Jeff) S. Gaffney
Atmospheric/Environmental Chemistry

Dr. Richard (Dick) H. Hanson
Analytical Chemistry

Dr. Ali U. Shaikh
Analytical Chemistry

Dr. Tito Viswanathan
Polymer Chemistry/Organic Chemistry

Dr. Dominic T.C. Yang
Synthetic Organic Chemistry