Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

The Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry provides UA Little Rock students with a strong, broad background in chemistry. The B.A. is often paired with areas such as biology, physics, mathematics, or psychology, for students who want to pursue postgraduate degrees in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, and other health-related fields.

In addition to the required courses, a minor in biology is recommended for this program. View the list of chemistry courses and descriptions. The department also offers a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.

Secondary Teacher Licensure in Science Education

The Chemistry, Education Track, B.A. program is designed to prepare students for teacher licensure in secondary education (7th – 12th grades).

Minor in Chemistry

Our department offers a minor in chemistry that introduces students to a variety of topics ranging from analytical chemistry to organic chemistry.

Placement Test

Any student without a minimum score of 24 on the science reasoning section of the ACT who wants to enroll in CHEM 1402- General Chemistry I must first pass the CHEM 1402 placement test with a grade of 60 or higher.

The test is administered at Testing Services in Room 315 of the UA Little Rock Student Services Center. Register for the test on the Testing Services website.

Options in Freshman Chemistry

Students who have had no high school chemistry and have a weak high school mathematics background but are interested in a pre-professional or science degree should take CHEM 1300, 1402, and 1403.

Students whose major field requires only eight hours of freshman chemistry should take CHEM 1402 and 1403. This sequence will prepare a student to take CHEM 2450 Organic Survey, but not other upper-level chemistry courses.

Research Opportunities

Our students can learn new scientific ideas by engaging with faculty in cutting-edge research. To learn more, visit our Undergraduate Research page.

Honors Program

To graduate with honors in chemistry, a student must:

  • maintain an overall GPA of 3.20 or greater,
  • maintain a GPA of 3.20 or greater in chemistry courses,
  • complete at least four credit hours of a faculty-directed laboratory research project and present the findings in a scientific meeting or departmental seminar,
  • meet American Chemical Society (ACS) certification requirements.

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