Highlights of the January Sky

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• Jan 1- The crescent moon is 4-5 degrees to the lower right of Venus. Mars is 12 degrees to the upper left of Venus while Neptune is just a ½ degree to the lower right of Mars.

Jan 3 – The peak of the Quadrantid Meteor Shower






• Jan 8 & 9 – Look for the waxing gibbous moon near the star Aldebaran in Taurus the Bull.









• Jan 12th –  Venus is at its greatest elongation from the Sun, 47 degrees. Elongation refers to the angle of separation between a planet and the Sun as seen by an observer from the planet Earth.







• Jan 14th  – The waning gibbous moon is near the star Regulus in Leo. 






19 jan 


• Jan 19th –  At dawn, look for the last quarter moon within the same binocular field of view as Jupiter and the star Spica (in Virgo).



19 jan mercury






• Jan 19th –  Mercury is at its greatest elongation, 24 degrees.



24 jan







• Jan 24th –At dawn, a thin crescent moon is just a few degrees away from the ringed planet Saturn.



25 jan





• Jan 25th – At dawn, the crescent moon is just a few degrees above Mercury.

• Jan 27th New Moon, 6:07PM CST








• Jan 30th –  The waxing crescent moon will form a lopsided triangle with Venus and Mars in the WSW after sunset.

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