Neighborhoods USA

Little Rock Team NUSA

Neighborhoods, USA (NUSA) is a national non-profit organization committed to building and strengthening neighborhood organizations. Created in 1975 to share information and experiences used to build stronger communities, NUSA continues to encourage networking and information-sharing to facilitate the development of partnerships among neighborhood organizations, government and the private sector for the ultimate goal of strengthening every neighborhood.


Andre Bernard,

Director of the City of Little Rock Department of Housing and Neighborhood Programs, currently serves as President of NUSA.

Little Rock Team NUSA members are Little Rock neighborhood residents who serve as members of NUSA and who attended the NUSA Annual Conference in Memphis, TN, from May 25 to May 28.

Team NUSA members attending the conference included representatives of the following: Broadmoor Property Owners Association, Central High Neighborhood Association, Pecan Lake Neighborhood Association,  Pennbrook / Clover Hill Neighborhood Association, Hope Neighborhood Association, Central High Neighborhood Association, Twin Lakes B Neighborhood Association, University Park Neighborhood Association, and University West Neighborhood Association. In addition two Little Rock City Directors and city staff members from the Department of Housing and Neighborhoods and Department of Community Programs attended the conference.

The following link provides access to several photographs taken at the Memphis NUSA Conference by Little Rock Team NUSA members.