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Our homepage is now a featured showcase site on wordpress.org for its “excellent use of WordPress as a CMS.” It’s true, our homepage is a WordPress on steroids.

A screenshot of our homepage as featured on wordpress.orgThe reality at UALR is that our web services team is decentralized across multiple departments, and we rarely get the benefit of working alongside one another. Therefore we spend most of our time into developing on WordPress and deploying that across campus. This frees our development staff to work on other projects while allowing content administrators to do what they do best: write.

In the case of the homepage, its content is managed by the Office of Communications who use WordPress to publish news and feature stories (posts) that are categorized according to where they should show up on the page (feature, sidebar, news, events, etc.). The links section inside WordPress is also used in multiple places to control our primary and secondary (dropdown) navigation areas.

Under the Hood

WordPressMultiple loops sort through posts to display them exactly as we’ve indicated, and super caching is implemented to keep the load on our servers to a minimum.

Each team member had a different role in making the UALR homepage a reality. Our web designer (Drew Stephens) handed off a mockup to our html/css specialist (Thomas Wallace), who turned the mockup into a standards-compliant webpage, then our web developer (Daniel Spillers) made a theme and implemented it. Aaron Baker serves as information architect, and members of the Office of Communication Staff author news stories.

Want to learn more? Send us an email; we’d love to hear from you.

Aaron Baker (adbaker@ualr.edu)
Web Services Coordinator

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