CaptionTube offers easier option for captioning videos

We’re all aiming to make sites more accessible – both to comply with regulations and to do the right thing for all users of UALR sites. In the past, including video in your website has been a thorny problem. Not because it’s difficult to produce the videos or even hard to place them in WordPress. Instead, we don’t want to include content in a site that can’t be used and enjoyed by all our stakeholders.

I faced this problem when migrating content to the new UALR William H. Bowen website. There is a great 30-second video focused on our mission as a school of law, and I wanted to feature it on the site’s front page. Issue: captioning via the regular YouTube tools was just not working.

Enter CaptionTube. It’s an application that works hand-in-hand with YouTube, giving users an easier way to integrate captioning. You even sign in with your Google username.

A screen shot of the CaptionTube interface where you can play, pause, and add captions to an existing video.

Simply import the video you want to caption and watch it, pausing at the appropriate time to insert a caption. Of course it’s a little more complicated than that, but as a first time user, it took me approximately a half-hour to caption that 30-second video. Pretty sweet.

The app keeps up with your time codes and spits out a transcript that talks nicely with YouTube. You upload it in the editing section – captions and subtitles tab – for your video. Simple as that, you’ve got a video that works for all your users. #LIKE

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