We’ve upgraded to the latest WordPress

If you’ve logged into your WordPress site recently, you may have noticed some changes. That’s because we’ve updated to the latest version of WordPress, 3.8.1.

The changes are mostly cosmetic in nature, so you shouldn’t notice any technical problems with this update (if you do experience issues, just let us know).

What’s new (these changes actually happened with 3.8, but we skipped that release in favor of 3.8.1, which is what is called a maintenance release):

  • The Dashboard looks different – instead of the light gray color palette, it’s a dark gray. The contrast is very helpful when trying to distinguish between Dashboard and the current area you are working in, whether it’s a Page or a Post or the Media Library.
  • Other colors – the blue in the Dashboard lets you know exactly where you are in the Dashboard.
  • A different font – the Open Sans typeface is easy to read on a desktop, a tablet, or a phone.
  • A design that’s more open and clean. While the order of the menu item hasn’t changed for your Dashboard, it’s certainly easier to navigate.


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