High Schools must be AR AIMS Partner Schools

  1.  Content Services for ACTIVE Feeder Middle and Junior High School   
    1. Charges for Content Services:
      • $2800 per content area (English, Math,  and Science)
      • 3 areas:  $8400 per year
    2. AR AIMS will provide:
      • Mentoring, Modeling, Observation, and Feedback for up to 4 teachers             per content                                     
      • Vertical Team assistance at team meetings; full-day workshops available for supplemental cost @ $800 for a full day and $400 for ½ day (per content area)
      • Continuous email, text, and call support with consultants and directors
      • Presentations, lesson modeling, skills strategies, and Q&A  at PLC/team/content meetings that are scheduled on the day when the consultant is in the school
      • Online Resources and assistance with these resources
      • Supplemental assistance if teachers attend AR AIMS LTF and PAP Professional Development
      • Supplemental Assistance with the CB online resources  if schools are PreAP and CollegeBoard Schools
      • All teachers may attend AR AIMS Professional Development at the AR AIMS School registration rate
  1. Supplemental Vertical Team and Specialty Content  Workshops
    • $800 per day and per content
    • $400 for ½ day (3 hours or less)
  1. Workshop Options (Partner Schools are Expected to Attend)               Early Bird Rate       
    • 4-Day AR AIMS Laying The Foundation/PAP $500 per teacher

(Advanced and accelerated) English, math, and science

    • 2-Day Fall content workshops  English, math, science $375 per teacher  

Non-AR AIMS Schools may attend workshops only 

 Registration Fees are +$100 for a  2-day AR AIMS workshop and +$150 for a 4-day workshops


Content Services for ACTIVE HIGH SCHOOLS

                 (Planned) $3000 per content area;  3 areas:  $9000 per year

  • Regular onsite one-on-one interaction with high school AP and/or PAP (advanced) teachers: Mentoring, Modeling, Observation, and Feedback for up to 4 teachers AP or PAP with direct mentoring
  • Vertical Team assistance for PAP (Advanced) and AP; Full day workshops available for a supplemental cost
  • Curriculum alignment assistance including content, pacing guides, assessments, labs
  • Online and one-on-one continuous support
  • New Google Sites Access to curriculum materials ongoing updates and additions (only ACTIVE Schools) AP and PAP (Advanced) English, math, science 
  • Archived Zoom videos for classroom review with handouts and teacher assistance
  • Continuous email, text, call support with content directors and consultants
  • NMSI online resources
  • PAP (Advanced)and AP Prep via live Zoom/archived videos for student prep, classroom review, or teacher PD for content knowledge
  • AP Boot Camp PREP is free for AR AIMS students at UA Little Rock, UA Fayetteville; Saturday PREP at UAF, ASU, and Delta area
  • New Teacher Extended and Specialized Mentoring*

Content Services for  (each) ACTIVE Feeder Middle/Junior High SCHOOLS

                             $3000 per content area;  3 areas:  $9000 per year

  • Services as noted above except 
    • mentoring and modeling is through Content Team PLC meetings
    • Up to 2 PAP and Advanced teachers as directed by the principal may receive individual coaching 
    • All MSE teachers involved must attend AR AIMS Professional Development

Additional Services for ALL AR AIMS Schools:

  • Individual School All-Day Specialty Workshops:  $800 per day/per content
  • Additional costs for PAP for larger schools (+5-7 total in a content area):  $2000 (Per content)
  • Specialty Mentoring based on specific needs of school:   $500 per day per content

Workshop Options:  Cost        

  • 2-Day PAP English and Math workshops$350 per teacher 
  • 4-Day PAP Science workshop:  $500 per teacher
  • 2-Day Fall AP Content Workshops M/S/E:  $375 per teacher     
  • 2-Day English  Mock Reading Workshop:  $350 per teacher
  • 1-Day Science and Math Mock Reading Workshop:   $250 per teacher
  • 4-Day English and Math LTF/PAP Workshop:   $500 per teacher
  • Specialty Workshops TBA

Non-AR AIMS Schools add $100 to 2 -day AR AIMS workshop partner charges and $150 to 4-day workshops