Minor Programs

Minoring in the Department of Applied Communication can make you more marketable as a professional in any field. We have two options of minors that you can take either face-to-face or online or both face-to-face and online. Take a look at the courses in these minors and see how they will complement your current major.

Our online, hybrid, and on campus curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students with an interest in communicative behavior in business, education, industry, and other professions. Students are trained in interpersonal and public communication skills related to human relations and organizational communication.

Classes are offered in a variety of formats:

  • Online, 16-week courses
  • Accelerated online, 8-week courses
  • Traditional on campus, 16-week courses
  • Hybrid (mixed attendance online and on campus), 16-week courses
  • Accelerated hybrid (mixed attendance between online and on campus), 8-week courses

*Course offerings vary by semester. Please check BOSS for current course offerings.


Applied  Communication Minor Requirements: 18 hours (beyond ACOM 1300)


Applied Communication Minor



Professional Communication Minor Requirements: 18 hours (beyond ACOM 1300)


Professional Communication Minor