Advisory Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Group

The Advisory Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Group advises the Associate Vice Chancellor (AVC) for Academic Affairs–Continuous Improvement regarding promoting and improving student learning outcomes in curricular, co-curricular, operational, and support programs across the university. The Advisory SLO Group will identify strategies to improve student learning outcomes assessment across the university and to facilitate centralized assessment processes. 

Specifically, this group, as an advisory group to the provost’s office only, focuses on information-sharing and will not have any authority to tell other groups what to do. This group will not report to the senate but will instead interface with senate committees to exchange information to promote assessment activities and culture on campus. To this effect, the Advisory SLO Group will coordinate and advise on the following:

  • Maintain an updated Comprehensive Assessment Plan that describes assessment processes across the university and includes a common language of assessment
  • Review existing assessment practices, evaluate their effectiveness, and suggest modifications as appropriate
  • Coordinate among the bodies that carry out and/or support assessment (e.g., Core Council, Assessment Partners Program, Prior Learning Assessment, IEC)
  • Identify needed professional development for development in student learning outcomes assessment and continuous improvement across the university  
  • Provide financial support for good practices in student learning outcomes assessment across the university
  • Determine the reporting structure for annual Co-curricular and Program Assessment Progress Review (PAPR; meta-assessment), continuously improving forms and processes 
  • Interpret and use results from annual Co-curricular and Program Assessment Progress Review (PAPR; meta-assessment) to inform meaningful assessment best practices.
  • Advise on and implement special assessment initiatives as appropriate
  • Facilitate communication internally about assessment and externally about SLO data  

Members of the Advisory SLO Group consist of thought leaders in assessment across campus. Membership is open to any interested faculty or staff member, but must include the following representation:

  • AVC Academic Affairs–Continuous Improvement
  • Provost’s Office Faculty Associate in Assessment
  • Representative from Office of Institutional Research and Analytics
  • Chair, Council on Core Curriculum and Policies
  • Chair, Skills in the Major Committee
  • Assessment Librarian, Ottenheimer Library
  • Student Affairs Assessment Leader
  • Athletics Assessment Leader
  • Assessment Partners Program coordinator
  • Prior Learning Assessment liaison 
  • Career Services/Internship/Co-op Representative
  • Chair, Diversity Council Data Committee
  • One academic dean
  • Chairs of each College Assessment Committee–for conversation during AY21 initially with College Executive Committees
  • Invite ATLE for representation

Regular open meetings and agendas will be set by the AVC Academic Affairs and the Faculty Associate in Assessment.