Annual Program-level Assessment Process

Annual Program-Level Assessment Process: See steps in full process below:

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Step One

  • Chair submits Program Plan to Assessment Central, September 22.

Step Two

  • Assessment Central (Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs ) sends plans to the College Assessment Committees for review.

Step Three

  • College Assessment Committees review the plans and sends feedback to the programs.

Step Four

  • College Assessment Committees submit an Annual Assessment report on the program reporting maturity and professional development and support needs to the Provost’s Office.

Step Five

  • Assessment Central provides feedback to the College Assessment Committees. Reports are shared with deans and provost and with ASLOG, which will advise in taking further action on professional development and support. This step will take place by February, in time for the next year’s budget build-up and planning.

Note: Professional development/support is provided through the upcoming reporting cycle; programs incorporate better practices in assessment based on feedback from College Assessment Committees.