The Joint UALR/UAMS Bioinformatics Graduate Program involves many different disciplines such as biostatistics, information science, computer science, omics, life sciences and a wide array of medical specialties.  Consequently we have participating faculty representing many different areas of expertise.

Name Affiliation E-mail
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Behjatolah Karbassi UAMS karbassi@UAMS.EDU
Grover P. Miller UAMS MillerGroverP@UAMS.EDU
Donald Mock UAMS mockdonaldm@UAMS.EDU
Kevin Raney UAMS raneykevind@UAMS.EDU
Bioinformatics and Omics (e.g., Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics)
Marico Bryant-Howe UA-PTC mbryanthowe@UAPTC.EDU
Galina Glazko UAMS GVGlazko@UAMS.EDU
Intawat Nookaew UAMS inookaew@UAMS.EDU
Alan Tackett UAMS ajtackett@UAMS.EDU
Karl Walker UAPB walkerk@UAPB.EDU
Philip Williams UALR phwilliams@UALR.EDU
Mary Yang UALR mqyang@UALR.EDU
Biomedical Informatics
Hari Eswaran UAMS eswaranhari@UAMS.EDU
Donald Johann UAMS DJJohann@UAMS.EDU
Fred Prior UAMS FWPrior@UAMS.EDU
David W. Ussery UAMS DWUssery@UAMS.EDU
William H. Baltosser UALR whbaltosser@UALR.EDU
Hassan Elsalloukh UALR hxelsalloukh@UALR.EDU
Eric R. Kaufmann UALR erkaufmann@UALR.EDU
Cancer Research
Thomas Kieber-Emmons UAMS tke@UAMS.EDU
Robert Belford UALR rebelford@UALR.EDU
Computational Biology and the Biological Life Sciences
Nawab Ali UALR nali@UALR.EDU
John Bush UALR jmbush@UALR.EDU
Stephen Grace UALR scgrace@UALR.EDU
Qingfang He UALR qfhe@UALR.EDU
Mariya Khodakovskaya UALR mvkhodakovsk@UALR.EDU
Fusheng Tang UALR fxtang@UALR.EDU
Wei Zhao UALR wxzhao@UALR.EDU
Computer Sciences
Chia-Chu Chiang UALR cxchiang@UALR.EDU
Xiuzhen Huang Arkansas State xhuang@ASTATE.EDU
Mariofanna Milanova UALR mgmilanova@UALR.EDU
Engineering Systems and Technology
Kamran Iqbal UALR kxiqbal@UALR.EDU
Srikanth Pidugu UALR sbpidugu@UALR.EDU
Information Sciences
Nitin Agarwal UALR agarwal@UALR.EDU
Dan Berleant UALR jdberleant@UALR.EDU
Serhan Dagtas UALR sxdagtas@UALR.EDU
Richard Segall Arkansas State rsegall@ASTATE.EDU
M. Eduard Tudoreanu UALR metudoreanu@UALR.EDU
Ningning Wu UALR nxwu@UALR.EDU
Xiaowei Xu UALR xwxu@UALR.EDU
Information Quality
Elizabeth Pierce UALR expierce@UALR.EDU
John Talburt UALR jrtalburt@UALR.EDU
Longevity and Aging
Srinivas Ayyadevara UAMS AyyadevaraSrinivas@UAMS.EDU
Robert J. S. Reis UAMS rjsr@UAMS.EDU
Microbiology and Immunology
Boris Zybaylov UAMS blzybaylov@UAMS.EDU
Myeloma Institute
National Center For Toxicological Research (FDA)
Richard Beger NCTR rbeger@NCTR.FDA.GOV
Minjun Chen NCTR minjun.chen@FDA.HHS.GOV
Hong Fang NCTR Hong.Fang@FDA.HHS.GOV
Huixiao Hong FDA Huixiao.Hong@FDA.HHS.GOV
Tucker Patterson NCTR tpatterson@NCTR.FDA.GOV
Shraddha Thakkar NCTR shraddha.thakkar@FDA.HHS.GOV
William Slikker NCTR wslikker@NCTR.FDA.GOV
Weida Tong NCTR wtong@NCTR.FDA.GOV
Neurobiology and Developmental Sciences
Steve Barger UAMS sbarger@uams.edu
Joseph Chacko UAMS jchacko@UAMS.EDU
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Curtis L. Lowery UAMS lowerycurtisl@UAMS.EDU
Kartik Shankar UAMS shankarkartik@UAMS.EDU
Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Drug Design
Philip Breen UAMS breenphilipj@UAMS.EDU
Cesar Compadre UAMS compadrecesarm@UAMS.EDU
Peter Crooks UAMS PACrooks@UAMS.EDU
Jerry A. Darsey UALR jadarsey@UALR.EDU
Eric Peterson UAMS epeterson@UAMS.EDU
Physiology and Biophysics
Frank Simmen UAMS SimmenFrankA@UAMS.EDU
Kottayil Varughese UAMS KIVarughese@UAMS.EDU
Public Health
Mohammed S. Orloff UAMS MSOrloff@UAMS.EDU
Songthip Ounpraseuth UAMS stounpraseuth@UAMS.EDU
Paula K Roberson UAMS robersonpaulak@UAMS.EDU
Radiation Health
Marjan Boerma UAMS mboerma@UAMS.EDU