1. What is Bioinformatics?
    • According to most practitioners, Bioinformatics is considered to be a combination of Biology and Computer Science.
    • Bioinformatics.org has a great wiki dedicated this question.
    • Our homepage also has a good description.
  2. What jobs are available in Bioinformatics?
    • A lot! Take a look at our job bank for ideas on where to search.
  3. Test Scores:
    • Do I need to take a specialized GRE for admission?
      – No, only the general GRE transcript is needed.
    • For reporting GRE and TOEFL test scores, what are the UALR institution code and department codes?
      – The UALR code is 6368. No department code is necessary.
    • How old can GRE and TOEFL Test Scores be?
      – GRE and TOEFL test scores are good for five years.
    • What minimum TOEFL score do you require for international students?
      – The UALR Graduate School requires a minimum score of 213 on the computer-based TOEFL exam. (see page 6 of the ETS TOEFL Score Comparison Table for other test forms)
    • What GRE scores are required for admission?
      – The Bioinformatics Graduate Program’s Student Admissions Committee had not established minimum GRE scores for admission to the program. All three scores are evaluated by the committee. The GRE Quantitative Score is especially important; most successful applicants score in the 60th percentile or higher. The Verbal and Analytical Writing Scores (and, for international students, the TOEFL) are important factors in determining future student success.
  4. Are you able to assess my qualifications for your graduate program if I send a CV?
    – We make admission decisions based on all the materials requested as part of the application packet, so it is not necessary to send a CV prior to applying (you may, however, include a CV with your application). Please note that the Bioinformatics Admissions Committee will not have access to any of your application materials until your application is complete at the UALR Graduate School; only then will they forward it on the Admissions Committee. A completed application typically consists of GRE scores, resume, transcripts, a letter of intent, and letters of reference.  TOEFL scores are required of international students who have not matriculated from a university in a country whose primary language is English.
  5. Do letters of reference need to be in any particular format?
    – No. They need to address the applicant’s suitability for admission and prospects of success in graduate school
  6. Do students receive financial aid during their MS, or is it only during the PhD period?
    – PhD Students typically receive priority for any available assistantships.  However from time to time, we do have extra funds so that we can provide some support to highly qualified student who are admitted to the MS program. Keep in mind that we admit many more students than we are able to supply financial assistance to.
  7. What is the process for signing up for courses at UALR?
    – Bioinformatics students should contact Dr. Mary Yang each semester to talk with her about their course progression and to update their course plans for the next semester. Dr. Yang will arrange for students’ advising flags to be lifted so they can go into boss.ualr.edu and register for classes.
  8. What is the admission process (first step) for signing up for courses at UAMS?
    – Bioinformatics students interested in working with research mentors at UAMS need to have full student status. The first step in the process is to get admitted to UAMS as a Bioinformatics Non-Degree Seeking Student (since UALR is the primary institution for managing the degree). Check out these instructions for using the UAMS Online Application System to be entered as a student at UAMS. Once students are admitted to UAMS, the UAMS Graduate School will be able to lift your advising flag so you can register for classes at UAMS.
  9. What is the registration process (second step) for signing up for courses at UAMS?
    – The next step in the process to take courses at UAMS as a Bioinformatics Non-Degree Seeking Student is to sign up for classes. UAMS uses the GUS Registration system and you can click on this link to see instructions for how to use GUS to sign up for classes at UAMS. Note: Self-funded students will need to pay UAMS directly. Students on graduate assistantships can work with Dana Ball in the EIT Dean’s Office to have their UAMS tuition paid from their assistantship funds.
  10. What guidelines should students follow for their Capstone Project reports?
    – The following links have some useful ideas for MS appropriate projects as well as guidelines for what would be typically expected in an MS thesis/project report.