Collection of University Funds

Prior to accepting funds and making deposits, all departments must have cash collection and PCI compliance procedures and an authorization form on file with the Cashier’s Office. Cash includes all monetary resources, including coins, currency, checks, credit cards, or any other form of payment received by the university.

Steps to take prior to accepting funds on behalf of UA Little Rock:

  1. All department employees who collect cash, reconcile receipts to collections, or deposit cash receipts must receive annual training and review the Collection of University Funds and Compliance to Payment Card Industry (PCI) Regulations policy and procedures.
  2. Review Title 19, Chapter 4, Subchapter 5 (R4-19-4-501, Cash Receipts Internal Control) of the Accounting and Budgetary Procedures Manual of the State of Arkansas (begins at the bottom of page 30), which pertains to control of cash receipts.
  3. Prepare your department’s Cash Collections and PCI Compliance Procedures and submit it to the Cashier’s Office.
  4. Complete the Authorization to Receive and Deposit Cash on Behalf of the University and submit it to the Cashier’s Office.

The department procedures and authorization must be completed on an annual basis, pursuant to UA Little Rock policy.