Department Chair – Jeff Gaffney



Jeffrey S. Gaffney 

Professor and Chair

GAFFNEY-MARLEY Research Group 




Degree              Institution                      Discipline               Year

BS (Honors)     Univ. Calif., Riverside        Chemistry                 1971MS                   Univ. Calif., Riverside        Organic Chemistry    1973PhD                 Univ. Calif., Riverside        Phys./Org. Chem.     1975

Contact Information:Office: SCLB Room 451
Phone number:
501-569-3152 (3153), 569-8840.

List of Courses Usually Taught:

 CHEM 1406 Chemistry for Engineers, CHEM 3350 Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 4330/5330 – History of Chemistry
CHEM 4342/5342 – Environmental Chemistry
CHEM 7357 – Special Topics in Organic Chemistry – Organic Environmental

Research Interests: Atmospheric chemistry of organic molecules, organic photochemistry, gas phase kinetics and product analyses, tropospheric chemical modeling, air pollution monitoring, chromatographic detector development, chemiluminescent trace level detection of organics, synthetic production of organic oxidants, organic geochemistry, organic tracer development, and natural abundance isotope ratio determinations and interpretation. Groundwater chemistry and colloid characterization of subsurface aqueous systems; humic and fulvic acid interactions with radionuclides, particularly actinides; natural system interactions with pollutants in air and groundwater chemistries; natural radioactive aerosol tracers. Air toxics and aerosol health impacts.Lead Scientist for the Department of Energy’s Megacity Aerosol Experiment – Mexico City and principal investigator on aerosol project examining the lifetimes and sources of fine aerosols using natural radioactivity. (See Also Mentoring Coordinator for the Global Change Education Program (see that has Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) and Graduate Research Environmental Fellowships (GREF) components and is funded by the Department of Energy’s Office of Biological and Environmental Research’s Climate Change Research Division. 

RECENT SELECTED PUBLICATIONS: J. S. Gaffney and N. A. Marley, “Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Pollution.” Invited Mini-review. Scientific World, 3, 199-234 (2003).Jeffrey S. Gaffney and Nancy A. Marley, “The Impacts of Combustion Emissions on Air Quality and Climate: From Coal to Biofuels and Beyond” Atmos. Env. 43, 23-36 (2009).


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Sarkar, A., N.A. Marley,  and J.S.Gaffney, “Characterization of Secondary Organic Aerosol (SOA) formed by the Reaction of β-caryophyllene, Soot and Ozone: Climate Impact.” Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science, 64,  111-114 (2010).
J.S. Gaffney, N.A. Marley, and D.R. Blake, “Biofuel Impacts on Air Quality: Ethene, PAN, and Ozone   Enhancements from Ethanol Combustion.” Atmospheric Environment, Accepted for Publication, 4/2012.

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Complete Curriculum Vitae –  J S Gaffney CV 4 2 12

Professional Society Memberships:

American Chemical Society (Geochemistry and Environmental Chemistry Divisions)
American Association for Aerosol Research; American Geophysical Union
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Meteorological Society
International Commission on History of Meteorology

Honors and Professional Committees:

Graduated with honors (B.S., 1971); U.S. Public Health Service Environmental Sciences Pre-doctoral Trainee (1971-72); IBM Pre-doctoral Fellow (1973-75). Suffolk County Summer Institute for the Gifted and Talented Teaching Award (1985); United States Information Agency American Participant (AMPART) to Mexico (1988) and Canada (1989). Certificate of Recognition from the Society of Environmental Engineering of the College of Civil Engineering of the State of Jalisco, Mexico (1988), Honorary Degree from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (1988), Chairman, Environmental Research Division Seminar Committee (1993-2003), Member American Chemical Society Environmental Chemistry Awards Committee (1993-1996), Member of the American Chemical Society Books Editorial Advisory Board (1997-2000), Member of the Argonne Laboratory Directors Research and Development Review Committee (1998), Vice-Chair, Argonne Laboratory Directors Research and Development Review Committee (1999), Chair, Argonne Laboratory Directors Research and Development Review Committee (2000), Program Chair, Atmospheric Chemistry, American Meteorological Society (1999-2004), American Chemical Society, Science Policy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Public Policy, 2000. South Florida Water Management District Expert Assistance Program Pool Expert (2001-); Committee Associate of the Joint Board Council Committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs, American Chemical Society (2002-); Executive Committee, Center for Environmental Science, The University of Chicago (2002-); American Meteorological Society History Committee (2003-2006, 2006-2009); Environmental Research Division, Advisory Committee on Hiring and Promotion, Chair (2003); Argonne National Laboratory, Energy and Environmental Science and Technology Directorate, Program and Operations Committee on Hiring and Promotion Committee (POC-HP) (2003-2004); Argonne National Laboratory, Applied Science and Technology Directorate, Program and Operations Committee on Hiring and Promotion, Environmental Research Division Alternate Member (2005); Argonne National Laboratory, Program and Operations Committee on Hiring and Promotion Oversight Committee – (Oversight POC-HP) (2003-), American Chemical Society Legislative Action Honor Roll (2002, 2003, 2004); Mexico City – Megacity Research Science Advisory Committee, MIT (2003-), Chicago Section American Chemical Society Candidate Nominating Committee (2005), Argonne National Laboratory Nominee for DOE BER Distinguished Scientist Fellowship (2005), American Meteorological Society Commission on Education and Human Resources – Board on Women and Minorities (2006-2009).

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