The “Power of Every(ONE)” Recognition Event

Our agency recently held its annual Power of Everyone (P.O.E.) Recognition event where we give special thanks to individual who have aided us throughout the year. Among those recognized were:

Outstanding Volunteer 2017 – Corrigan Revels & JaCarlos Sheppard (not pictured)

Proud Parent of the Year 2017 – Christa Goldbird

 Outstanding CI Youth 2017 – Jame’cia Belle

2017 Outstanding Community Partner – St. Andrew’s Anglican Church & Arkansas Children’s Hospital


A special moment during the event, as well as bittersweet one, was shared as Jolene Perkins, our Dental Clinic Manager of Future Smiles Dental Clinic, presented Dr. Missy Collins with the Recognition of Service award as the dentist for the Future Smiles Dental Clinic. Included in this presentation was the announcement of Dr. Collins’ resignation. Bombarded by a burst of emotions, Jolene fought to read her prewritten speech and give her thanks to Dr. Collins for dedication to the Future Smiles Dental Clinic, but didn’t quite make it through its entirety. It read:

DSC_0091“When the clinic opened in 2005, an agreement was developed with Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) to contract a dentist. Seven years ago, we found out we would be getting a new dentist from them, but what we did not know was that the new “dentist” was so much more than that! Dr. Missy Collins quickly became an invaluable team member who would help in any way needed in our small office staff! She would carry boxes, pull charts, fill out forms or help in so many more ways than just providing dental services to children…which is no small tasking in itself! 

As a dentist, she has been the absolute BEST with our children. She is kind, patient and understanding. She alleviates fears and gives injections (she refers to as mosquito bites) without the child even knowing an injection was given! 

One first grader we had been trying to get to the clinic for months is now a success story! Jennifer (our dental assistant) would go get her and get far as far into the clinic as she could…the first three times, we couldn’t even get her in the clinic without her crying. Dr. Collins got her a little further each time. At her last appointment, Dr. Collins was able to do a prophy, exam and fluoride varnish! When she came in last week, she got everything including bitewing x-rays. She exclaimed, “I am not afraid to come here anymore!”

This is not the only story like this! Dr. Collins has helped countless children get over their fear of the dentist by taking the time THEY need. She has seen over 10,000 patients and provided more than $1.7 million in dental services at no cost to families! We are going to miss this kind, giving and loving team member and dentist!!” 

This year’s P.O.E. event was definitely one we will always remember! Thank you, Dr. Collins, and our other recipients, for all of your hard work and dedication this year! It does not go unnoticed and it gives strength to our notion that we can accomplish great heights for our community with “the power of every(one)”.

If you would like to find out how you can contribute your power, please call our office at (501) 916-3541.

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