Faculty Marshal Training and Information – Fall 2023, 9:30 a.m. Ceremony

Banner and Diploma Marshal Instructions

(see this instructional video for example) 

There will be a brief training scheduled for Friday, December 15, at 2 p.m. that you are required to attend.

There are two faculty marshals per college, with the exception of Bowen Law School, which will only have one. The two faculty marshals should decide who will be the “banner” marshal during the ceremony, and who will be the “diploma” marshal:

Banner Marshal

  • As the banner marshal enters the Jack Stephens arena floor from the tunnel, they will need to watch for commencement staff who will hand off the banner.
    • Please identify yourself by waving your hand when you see the staffer with the flag.  (The instructional video does not show this step.)
  • The banner marshal will take the college banner to the stage at the beginning of the ceremony.
    • You will be met by a commencement staff member who will place the banner behind the stage.
  • The banner marshal will return to the college area and remain standing until all students in his/her college are seated and then will take the first seat on the beginning row of the college (reserved for him or her by the diploma marshal).
    • When the students proceed to the stage, the banner marshal will remain in the college area to guide students back to their seats.

Diploma Marshal

  • As the banner is being taken to the stage, the diploma marshal will lead the students to their seats.
    • The diploma marshal will reserve the first seat for the banner marshal on the beginning row of the college (the diploma marshal will be seated in the second seat of the first row of the college).
  • When it is time for the students to proceed to the stage to receive their diploma covers, the diploma marshal will lead the students.
    • Once the students are at the stage area, this marshal will walk in front of the stage to the opposite side where he/she will assist the students and congratulate them when they leave the stage. The diploma marshal will be present at the stage to assist in guiding students in returning to their seats.

What to do on Commencement Day:

  • Please plan to be at your assigned college area in the Derek Fisher Court (located on the ground floor of the Jack Stephens Center) by 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 16, 2023.
    • Doors open at 7:45 a.m. and graduates have been instructed to arrive by 8:30 a.m. at the very latest.
  • Student marshals will direct graduates to sign in using an electronic system and then you will pass out a preprinted card that will be used for pictures and the announcement of the names of the graduates as they walk across the stage.
    • There will be two student marshals each assigned to the academic colleges with undergraduates. Bowen Law School and the Graduate School will only be assigned faculty marshals.
    • Please ensure that students in your college section keep the announcement card until they are ready to cross the stage. At that time, a commencement worker will take the card and give it to the stage announcer.
  • Honor recognition cards for the students in your college who will be recognized for university academic honors during the commencement ceremony will also be preprinted for those specific students.
    • This card is identical to the other announcement cards with the exception that the honor will also be printed on the card. The students are not to make adjustments to the card. They will only announce honors for students who have these cards.
  • Once students sign in and obtain their printed cards from you, they may choose to line up at the back of Fisher Court for additional commencement photos (photos will also be taken of students during the commencement ceremony as they receive their diploma covers on stage).
    • Students will receive photo proofs via email soon after the commencement ceremony. At that time, they may order pictures if they choose.
  • If a student arrives at commencement without full regalia, they may purchase these items from the bookstore table in the Derek Fisher Court.
  • Please direct both international and domestic students to meet with the ceremony announcers at the Fisher Court information table if there are concerns that their names may be challenging for the announcers to pronounce.
  • Listen closely to the announcements made in Fisher Court.
    • You will be needed to assist in lining up the students as time for the procession approaches. Please group the students in approximate alphabetical order regardless of the major (i.e., all students with last names beginning A, B, C, etc. You will not need to alphabetize these students within their letter.)
  • If you have questions while serving in Fisher Court, please see the commencement workers at the top table.
    • Once the student procession into the arena starts, the commencement volunteers who are assisting in seating you will be unable to answer your questions at that point in the ceremony.