Inside Out

What is Inside Out?

This is a powerful life-changing class that brings inmates (insiders) and students (outsiders) together to learn about different topics in criminal justice.

  • students and inmates learn and work together
  • all materials provided (NO BOOKS)
  • no tests or papers
  • life-changing experiences
  • discuss engaging criminal justice topics
  • class meets once a week at the Wrightsville Prison Unit
  • this is the only inside-out course in Arkansas
  • end of semester celebration


  • Founded in 1997 at Temple University in Philadelphia
  • Idea born from an inmate named Paul who was interested in ongoing dialogue between students and inmates
  • Seeks to address and break down stereotypes

Mission Statement

By studying together and working on issues of crime, justice, and related social concerns, those of us inside and outside of prison can catalyze the kinds of changes that will make our communities more inclusive, just, and socially sustainable.