Criminal Justice Society

The Criminal Justice Society (CJS) is a service organization for students with an interest in Criminal Justice at UA Little Rock. All students taking courses in criminal justice, at the undergraduate or graduate level, or who are interested in criminal justice are invited to participate. Over the course of the academic year, CJS sponsors and supports many philanthropic and social events both on and off-campus.

Each fall, CJS members volunteer at the Rob Williams Annual Golf Tournament, in honor of fallen Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) agent Rob Williams. Part of the proceeds are used to sponsor scholarships for UA Little Rock Criminal Justice students and the Special Olympics. CJS will also participate in other philanthropic events, including support for PAWS in Prison, the Promise Neighborhood, and the UA Little Rock community.

In addition to service activities, CJS will have various guest speakers addressing a variety of topics related to criminal justice and criminology. These invited talks allow students to expand their exposure to different areas of the criminal justice system while allowing students to interact with practitioners, academics, and their peers. CJS plans to host speakers and events on the following topics:

  • FBI Asset Forfeiture
  • Little Rock PD K-9 Unit
  • U.S. Marshal
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Law Enforcement Special Investigations
  • School Violence / Bullying
  • Corrections
  • Biosocial Criminology
  • Crime and Gender
  • Self Defense

Each undergraduate student majoring or minoring in Criminal Justice is automatically a member of the CJ Society. One additional change to the program is the elimination of dues. If you are a major or minor, you will be automatically added to the list-serve and will receive notifications and updates at your UA Little Rock email address.

For more information about the Society contact:

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Molly Smith

We look forward to your participation!