Misty Ladd

Dr. Misty Ladd Dr. Misty Ladd is a passionate and business-savvy leader with over 25 years of progressive experience in the criminal justice field across a myriad of teaching, management, and investigative topics including but not limited to: Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) compliance and investigations, employee theft and misconduct, FMLA, ADA, Equal Pay Act, Title VII, Clery Act, Arkansas security rules and regulations, OSHA, diverse human capital sectors, safety, security, cybersecurity, physical security, criminal psychology, ethics, compliance, due diligence, crime control, recidivism, community & law enforcement, communications, corrections, advocacy, surveillance, risk mitigation & risk assessment, diversity, equity, inclusion, threat assessment, ethics, eyewitness identification, interview & interrogation techniques, effective report writing, human trafficking awareness, crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), and evidence & investigative documentation for the legal system.

With an extensive track record of building and aligning existing programs to achieve excellence, new vision, creativity with unparalleled client satisfaction, Misty also served as a skilled relationship builder, trusted advisor, and trainer pivotal to employees’ successes. A resource distribution acumen accompanied with driving business expansions, she positioned branding market share for a nationwide top ten company in addition to being an Arkansas State Police certified instructor for eleven (11) years. In her corporate director’s position, she led over eight hundred (800) students to successful completion of required licensing criteria, with a motivational teaching style that is both uplifting and grounded in real world best practices.

As a credentialed and experienced consultant, Dr. Ladd is considered a subject matter expert in multiple criminal justice and psychology disciplines: Law, Business, Project Management, National Security, Criminal Justice, Cybersecurity, Public Police & Administration, Education, Training, Instructional Design, Motivation, Wellness Programs, Safety Programs, Philosophy & Ethics, Human Resources Management, Recruiting, Onboarding, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Retention, and Investigations. She is also a popular speaker & consultant for topics such as: instructional design and education management, specializing in competency-based education, e-learning, LMS systems, certification & higher education, diversity, and personal development.

Misty is a dedicated educator committed to improving the lives and opportunities of her students while also being a reliable team member who brings innovative ideas to collaborative projects, acts as a caring mentor to peers, helping them to improve their skills and achieve their mutual goals to ultimately help our community.

Dr. Ladd can be reached at mrladd@ualr.edu. You can see Dr. Ladd’s CV here.