Minor in Criminal Justice

The minor in Criminal Justice requires 18 hours. Three hours must be CRJU 2300, Introduction to Criminal Justice. The remaining 15 hours may be taken from any 3000 or 4000 level criminal justice courses. The minor is offered to students outside the criminal justice major.

Required Courses (3 hours)

CRJU 2300 Intro to Criminal Justice (counts toward the core)

CRJU Electives (15 hours)

CRJU 3301 Criminal Evidence
CRJU 3302 Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement
CRJU 3105 3205 3305 Seminar in Criminal Justice
CRJU 3306 Police Administration and Management
CRJU 3307 Criminal Law
CRJU 3309 Cybercrime
CRJU 3310 Race/Ethnicity and Criminal Justice
CRJU 3311 Gangs
CRJU 3312 Victimology
CRJU 3313 Crime and Science: An Intro to Forensic Science
CRJU 3314 Statistics in Criminal Justice
CRJU 3315 Sex Crimes
CRJU 3337 Juvenile Delinquency
CRJU 3338 Criminological Theory
CRJU 3348 Internship I
CRJU 3349 Internship II
CRJU 3396 Psychology and the Criminal Process
CRJU 4199 4299 Criminal Justice Workshop
CRJU 4301 Judicial System and Process
CRJU 4302 Law and Society
CRJU 4303 Readings in Criminal Justice

For more information please contact the Criminal Justice advisor Karen Wisdom at 501-683-7508 or kmwisdom@ualr.edu.