2017 Participants at the Awards Ceremony in the Tesla Theatre at Mid America Science Museum.

Information for Middle School and High School Students

Getting Started

To qualify for the Ouachita Mountains Regional Science & Engineering Fair (OMRSEF), you must

  1. Be nominated by your school or teacher.
  2. Follow OMRSEF rules to ensure your project will be eligible to compete in the Fair.
  3. Complete the OMRSEF Registration form.
  4. Review the links on this page. They provide valuable resources to help you get started. Also, your science teacher may have interesting research project ideas that you may find fun and rewarding.


The OMRSEF follows all Regeneron ISEF rules. For a COMPLETE listing of the applicable rules and regulations, please review the 2024 Regeneron ISEF Rules.

Submission Requirements for OMRSEF

Determine Which Forms You Need

Many students can easily proceed through the OMRSEF review process by ensuring all of the proper forms have been submitted and properly signed. To determine which forms you need, use the Regeneron ISEF Rules Wizard. The Wizard asks a series of questions about your planned project and will provide a list of forms that you need for submittal to the OMRSEF.

Write an Abstract

All projects must have an abstract which is to be displayed with the project. An abstract gives the essence of the project in a brief but complete form. The OMRSEF requires that participants use the ISEF abstract with 21 categories. The following 21 categories and subcategories are those that will be used.  To view a description of a category and its subcategories, click the category name.