Reporting Academic Dishonesty

Why Report Academic Dishonesty And Follow University Policies For Reporting?

  • If academic dishonesty is ignored, respect for the institution and its faculty will decline.
  • The Office of Campus Life houses all judicial records on students. If students have previously committed academic dishonesty, they may be subject to more severe disciplinary sanction, including suspension or expulsion.
  • Following the proper procedure for reporting academic dishonesty is important for the protection of the rights of the university as well as the student.
  • Not only is academic dishonesty an academic violation but according to court cases, the university and the AAUP, it is a behavioral violation as well.
  • A charge of academic dishonesty requires that the student be provided with appropriate due process.
  • If students know they will be sanctioned for academic dishonesty they are less likely to engage in such behavior.