Meeting the Greatest Needs

Donors who supported The Fund for UALR this past Fall made a significant impact on UALR students.

students with books.JPG

Seen here with their new textbooks, these are just 9 of the 28 students identified by the Academic Success Center as having the potential in the classroom, but not the means to afford textbooks. In order to keep up with assignments, many of them were borrowing books from classmates and photocopying pages. Because of the success of the inaugural annual fund, these students’ textbook needs were taken care of for the 2010 Spring semester.
But look again…


All of these students will attend classes next year – but only some of them are guaranteed books. We want a guarantee for ALL of them. $5,000 is readily available to fund this project. We need $5,000 more, as this picture represents only a small percentage of students who are depending on people like you.

One click will improve UALR’s academic environment. Make a gifttoday and help our students accomplish their dreams of a better future.

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