Student Philanthropy Council collects funds for student programs

UALR’s Student Philanthropy Council, Trojans Helping Trojans, has launched its third Green Piggy Bank fundraiser to collect funds supporting student scholarships and programs.

“The council was created to begin a culture of giving back to students by students,” said Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Membership Derek Boyce. “I’m incredibly impressed with the thought and motivation each member brought to the council.”


Students Jermaine Marshall and Marita McNair are joined by Provost Zulma Toro in their philanthropic efforts.

Morgan Miller, a council member and speech language pathology major at UALR, said the program is a great way to get the community, students, staff and alumni involved.

“Philanthropy is about giving back,” said Miller. “I encourage everyone to ‘let your change make change’ and drop some spare change in those cute green piggy banks. Every penny of it benefits student programs on the UALR campus.”  Continue reading…


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