ADE Licensure Assessment Tutoring

The Educator Effectiveness and Licensure Division of the ADE has announced the second phase of the “Licensure Assessment Ready” support program.  This phase focuses on supporting test takers in specific content areas.

Who should attend tutoring sessions?

1. Individuals enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs leading to licensure

2. Individuals who have not achieved a passing score on one of the identified licensure exams

3. Individuals on Additional Licensure Plans

4. Individuals currently licensed and desiring to add an area by testing out

All sessions are free, virtual, and facilitated by currently licensed Arkansas practitioners.  Sessions consist of content specific tutoring combined with practice questions designed to improve both the test takers confidence and performance. Register for a session HERE.

Licensure Assessment Tutoring Areas

Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects Social Studies (5004)

Elementary: Multiple Subjects Science (5005)

Middle School English Language Arts (5047)

Middle School Mathematics (5169)

Middle School Science (5442)

Middle School Social Studies (5089)

Mathematics: Content Knowledge (5161)

Physics:  Content Knowledge (5265)

Art: Content Knowledge (5134)

Chemistry: Content Knowledge (5245)

Social Studies: Content and Interpretation (5086)

The complete Licensure Assessment Ready website may be found HERE.