Hot Off the Press!

Teacher and Administrator Perspectives from Experiences in the Teacher Leadership Initiative. Education Leadership Review of Doctoral Research, 9, 34-50. (2021).

Authors: Leslie Sharp (UA Little Rock), John Pijanowski (UA Faytteville), & Gail Hughes (Ouatchita Baptist University)

Classroom Management in Urban Schools: The Need for Meaningful Field Experiences and Mentoring. International  Journal of Teacher Education and Professional Development, 5(1), (2022).

Authors: William Kerns (UA Little Rock) & Betty Porter Walls (Independent Researcher)

MT Stage: Expressions ~ a one-week summer AEGIS program for advanced students who have completed grades 7, 8 & 9 was awarded to the Jodie Mahony Center for Gifted Education for June 13-17, 2022 by the Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education, Gifted and Talented Programs. 

Grant Recipients:  Ann Robinson & Christine Deitz (UA Little Rock)

Building Community Within Online Learning Spaces Using Photo Sharing, The Missouri Reader, 45(1), 14-15.  (2022)

Author: Chelsea Bradley (UA Little Rock)

The Influence of Teacher Training on a Strategy-Based Dyslexia Intervention on Teachers’ Knowledge and Decision-Making Practices for Teaching Students with Characteristics of Dyslexia

Authors: Kent Layton (UA Little Rock), Cindy Owens (Nixa Schools, MO), & William Kerns (UA Little Rock)

Paper presented at the Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers National Conference, November 2021.

Promoting Empathy and Anti-Racist Dialogue in Middle School Classrooms

Authors: William Kerns (UA Little Rock) and Travis Crowder (East Alexander Middle School, NC)

Paper presented at the National Council for Teachers of English National Convention, November 2021.

A Historical and Sociocultural View of the Science of Reading Debate

The Missouri Reader, 44 (3), 10-15. (2021)

Author: William Kerns (UA Little Rock)

Promoting Anti-Racist Dialogue Through Holocaust Education

In R.S. Savitz and N.A. Vines (Eds.), 2020 Yearbook of the American Reading Forum (pp. 65-80). American Reading Forum (2021).

Author: William Kerns (UA Little Rock)

Scaffolding Student Talk about Social Justice: Developing Voice and Identity

31st Annual Literacies for All Virtual Summer Institute: Visions and Voices for the Future, July 2021 (NCTE)

Authors: William Kerns (UA Little Rock) & Amanda McCaleb (Springfield Public Schools, MO)

Leveraging Nature: Creating Reading and Writing Activities Outdoors During COVID-19

Literacy Today, May/June, 22-23, 2021.

Authors: Peggy Semingson (University of Texas-Arlington) & William Kerns (UA Little Rock)

Faculty Willingness to Intervene in Suicide with College Students

2021 Annual Conference of the American Association of Suicidology, April 2021

Authors: Rikki D. Turner (UA Little Rock), Jim Vander Putten (UA Little Rock), Amanda Nolen (UA Little Rock), & Brad Patterson (Henderson State University)

Where Is the Evidence? Looking Back to Jeanne Chall and Enduring Debates about the Science of Reading

Semingson, P. & Kerns, W. (2021). Reading Research Quarterly, 56(S1), S157-S169. doi:10.1002/rrq.405

Assessment as Learning: Fostering Belonging of Underrepresented Students in the STEM Content Areas

In S. Nichols & D. Varier [Eds.] (2021)., Theory to Practice: Educational Psychology for Teachers and Teaching – Teaching on Assessment (pp. 131-150)

Authors: Amanda Nolen (UA Little Rock) & Tony Talbert (UA Little Rock)

Online Teaching in 2020: Finding Balance and Success as a Secondary Reading Teacher

The Oklahoma Reader, Fall 2020

Author: Chelsea K. Bradley (UA Little Rock)