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Connected conversations: A retrospective on virtual ESL service learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. In J. Keengwe (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Innovative Digital Practices in Higher Education (pp 1-15). (2023)
Authors: Peggy Semingson (UT Arlington), Cynthia Kilpatrick (UT Arlington), and William Kerns (UA Little Rock)

Losing Our Religion? Exploring the Literacy Voices Across Dyslexia Initiatives in Two States. Paper presented for the 66th Annual Conference of the Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers, Denver, CO. (November, 2022)
Authors: Kent Layton (UA Little Rock) and John Ponder (University of West Georgia)

Learning Communities are Relationship-Based. ArATE Electronic Journal, 12(2), 19-30. (Fall 2022)
Author: Chelsea Bradley (UA Little Rock)

Teacher and Administrator Perspectives from Experiences in the Teacher Leadership Initiative. Education Leadership Review of Doctoral Research, 9, 34-50. (2021)
Authors: Leslie Sharp (UA Little Rock), John Pijanowski (UA Faytteville), & Gail Hughes (Ouatchita Baptist University)

Classroom Management in Urban Schools: The Need for Meaningful Field Experiences and Mentoring. International  Journal of Teacher Education and Professional Development, 5(1), (2022)
Authors: William Kerns (UA Little Rock) & Betty Porter Walls (Independent Researcher)

MT Stage: Expressions ~ a one-week summer AEGIS program for advanced students who have completed grades 7, 8 & 9 was awarded to the Jodie Mahony Center for Gifted Education for June 13-17, 2022 by the Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education, Gifted and Talented Programs.
Grant Recipients:  Ann Robinson & Christine Deitz (UA Little Rock)

Building Community Within Online Learning Spaces Using Photo Sharing, The Missouri Reader, 45(1), 14-15.  (2022)
Author: Chelsea Bradley (UA Little Rock)

The Influence of Teacher Training on a Strategy-Based Dyslexia Intervention on Teachers’ Knowledge and Decision-Making Practices for Teaching Students with Characteristics of Dyslexia. Paper presented at the Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers National Conference, November 2021.
Authors: Kent Layton (UA Little Rock), Cindy Owens (Nixa Schools, MO), & William Kerns (UA Little Rock)

Promoting Empathy and Anti-Racist Dialogue in Middle School Classrooms. Paper presented at the National Council for Teachers of English National Convention, November 2021.
Authors: William Kerns (UA Little Rock) and Travis Crowder (East Alexander Middle School, NC)

A Historical and Sociocultural View of the Science of Reading Debate
The Missouri Reader, 44 (3), 10-15. (2021)
Author: William Kerns (UA Little Rock)

Promoting Anti-Racist Dialogue Through Holocaust Education
In R.S. Savitz and N.A. Vines (Eds.), 2020 Yearbook of the American Reading Forum (pp. 65-80). American Reading Forum (2021).
Author: William Kerns (UA Little Rock)

Scaffolding Student Talk about Social Justice: Developing Voice and Identity
31st Annual Literacies for All Virtual Summer Institute: Visions and Voices for the Future, July 2021 (NCTE)
Authors: William Kerns (UA Little Rock) & Amanda McCaleb (Springfield Public Schools, MO)

Leveraging Nature: Creating Reading and Writing Activities Outdoors During COVID-19
Literacy Today, May/June, 22-23, 2021.
Authors: Peggy Semingson (University of Texas-Arlington) & William Kerns (UA Little Rock)

Where Is the Evidence? Looking Back to Jeanne Chall and Enduring Debates about the Science of Reading
Semingson, P. & Kerns, W. (2021). Reading Research Quarterly, 56(S1), S157-S169. doi:10.1002/rrq.405

Online Teaching in 2020: Finding Balance and Success as a Secondary Reading Teacher
The Oklahoma Reader, Fall 2020
Author: Chelsea K. Bradley (UA Little Rock)