Ross Hall Reroofing and Repairs

The university is planning a reroofing and repairs project at Ross Hall, and a major repair to the HVAC system at Ross Hall is needed to fix the building air conditioning.

Current Status

The HVAC system repair will require the complete shut-down of the building HVAC system for several days. We are planning to do this work over Spring Break, starting the afternoon of March 15. By Monday, March 25, the HVAC system will be back online. We choose this time to do this work as it is least impactful and will minimize disruptions to classes and occupants in Ross Hall. We cannot delay the repair project because in its current state the HVAC system will not keep-up as temperatures rise heading into April and May.

We will not be able to cool the building while the HVAC unit is shut down, many areas of the building could be warmer than usual especially if the weather warms up. All of the repair work will occur in the ground floor mechanical room so noise should not be an issue.

The project requires us to close the three accessible parking spaces on the access road behind Ross Hall. There will also be intermittent road closures on the access road while equipment is being delivered to the building. It does not impact the Dickinson parking lot.

The scope of this project involves:

  • Replacing the lower roof.
  • Repairs to the upper roof.
  • Repair to the HVAC system.