Campus Construction

On Monday, April 11, 2022, Chancellor Drale and Vice-Chancellor Ganz announced several campus improvement projects. In fact, work has already begun with the removal of the fence at Jack Stephens Center Parking Lot 13 along 28th Street. These projects will touch many areas on campus at different times over the next few months. With that fact in mind, the Facilities Management department, in coordination with our contractor partners, is making every effort to avoid disruptions to on-campus classroom instruction and regular business operations. To make you aware of where the contractors will be working, Facilities Management will send a weekly email announcing the locations for the days ahead.

This week pressure washing will continue at a variety of locations across campus, most notably the Parking Deck pressure washing will start Tuesday. This work requires us to close the Parking Deck for two weeks. The Metered Lot resurfacing and striping will start on Wednesday. Visitors can park at the metered parking areas near the Wrestling building or tennis courts. The contractor will be working in Parking Lot 13 West making additional repairs to the area along 28th Street and removing the unused driveway. Clearing along the north section of Coleman Creek between Parking Lots #13 & 14 continues and the pedestrian trail will remain closed. The Earth Science building demolition project continues this week as the contractor finishes removing the debris. Finally, there is a small project on the northside exterior of Fine Arts.

Please use caution and avoid areas where the contractors are working. For your safety, never enter into an area that has been fenced off for construction. Areas around the lift equipment and where the contractors are working overhead will be roped off.


This coming week, June 26 – July 2, we will be working in the following areas:

  • Parking Lot 13 East, repairs and striping: 06/26/22 – 06/28/22
    • Please Note: Parking Lot 13 West is available while Parking Lot 13 East is closed
  • Parking Lot 8, repairs and striping: 06/29/22 – 07/01/22
    • Please Note: Parking Lot 13 is available while Parking Lot 8 is closed
  • Coleman Creek North Cleanup: Started 04/11/22 – Ongoing
  • Student Union A Courtyard, pressure washing: 06/27/22 – 06/28/22
  • Law School, pressure washing: 06/13/22 – Ongoing
  • Disc Golf Course: 06/13/22 – Ongoing


Please refer to our map of current work locations below. This map will be updated each Friday through the conclusion of all projects to provide you with an idea of what to expect for the week ahead.



Questions? Feel free to contact AVC Hutchins or VC Ganz for more information and check back here to keep abreast of further improvements!