Campus Construction

We are beginning work on several projects that will transform the look of campus for years to come. This project is funded through a $5.5 million grant from the Donaghey Foundation.

Overview of Several Planned Projects That Will Be Taking Place

  • Trojan Way – The university is constructing a north to south promenade on campus that is referred to as Trojan Way. The path will run through campus from 28th Street to University Drive and will create enhanced walkways, seating areas and gathering spaces for students, faculty and staff to utilize.
  • Library Plaza Project – The bricks outside of the Ottenheimer Library plaza area are being removed and a new plaza is being created. The area will be reimagined as an outdoor campus learning environment with expanded seating and places for groups to gather.
  • Alumni Patio Project – The university is installing a new gathering space outside of the Bailey Alumni & Friends Center featuring the bricks that are currently located outside of the Ottenheimer Library. The gathering space will allow alumni and friends easy access to view their bricks and allow the university to utilize the space as another campus gathering location.
  • Campus Grove – The university is upgrading the north side of the Fine Arts building to install an outdoor area for students and faculty. This shaded area will have additional seating and offer students a place to enjoy campus with friends.
  • Education Building Demolition – The university will demolish the existing building that is located between Dickinson and Ross Hall. This building has not been in use for some time and will allow for the creation of additional campus greenspaces.
  • Campus West Entrance – With the removal of the old Earth Science Building, the university is enhancing the entrance to campus at 32nd street with better walkways and a green space for students and faculty to enjoy.

Every effort will be made to minimize the disruptions to on-campus classroom instruction and regular business operations. However, there will be continuous work on campus for the next 12-18 months.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the transformational nature of these projects and the impact they will have on our campus for years to come. We believe these projects will benefit not only our current students, faculty, and staff at UA Little Rock, but make our campus an attractive place to visit for prospective students, parents, and other visitors.

Construction Map

We want to share where construction fencing will be placed in October. This map shows the fencing and paths as the construction gets underway. The contractor will construct the new paths before the fences are installed, and the process will take several weeks.

Construction Map of UA Little Rock

This fencing will be up throughout the next 12-18 months of this project. As the project progresses, there will be slight modifications to the fencing, but we will be sure to communicate any changes to you.

Once the fencing is up, it is important to only cross at designated cut throughs. Here are additional details about the fencing:

  1. Entering Campus – Once the fencing is up, there will be different ways to walk onto campus.
    From the south: It will be easier to enter campus from the south between e-Stem and the Nursing Building. The entrance directly to the left of the Center for the Performing Arts will be closed.
    From the north: the best way to access the campus is along the sidewalk at the Lot 13 crosswalk to the left of Reynolds.
  2. Moving Across Campus – East to west access to campus will be impacted by the fencing. It will be possible to cut through the Trojan way construction at the following two places:Fine Arts: This is the northern cut through and the access location will align with the building entrance
    Between Trojan A and Trojan B: This is the southern cut through and will connect near Cooper fountain.