Trojan Way

The university is rebuilding the main north to south promenade on campus. It will be referred to as the Trojan Way. The path will begin at 28th street and will run all the way to University Drive.

As part of this project, enhanced walkways, seating areas and gathering spaces for students, faculty and staff to utilize.

Current Status

Nabholz has started the process of shifting construction fences and temporary paths to start work in the two of the smaller areas of the Trojan Way project – the construction fence cut through at Fine Arts and the cut through at Trojan A. We have been working with their team on ways to make this change so that it is the least disruptive for our campus community while keeping the project on schedule. We also want to update you with turn-over dates for sections of the Trojan Way coming up in March and April.

Here are the highlights of the turn-over dates and proposed changes to the temporary paths:

Friday, March 1
1) The fences in the north sections of the Trojan Way were removed Friday, March 1. The Trojan Way from 28th Street to the Fine Arts building is turned over and you can start using it. There is still some work going on in the landscaped areas so use some caution.

Wednesday, March 6
2) Fine Arts Cut Through: The west entrance to Fine Arts will close for three weeks starting Wednesday, March 6. You will need to access the Fine Arts Building from the north door near the Grove, the south doors on the patio facing the Library, and from the east main entrance. During this time the contractor will demolish the paving around the west entrance, grade, and pour the concrete underlayment. The west entrance will reopen while the concrete fully cures and is ready for the new paver installation, a minimum of 28 ways. In May, the west entrance will close again for three weeks while the pavers are installed and the work in this area is completed. Again, access to Fine Arts will be through the north, south, and east entrances. At the end of May this area will be complete and turned over.

3) Trojan A and Trojan B Cut Through: The cut through at Trojan A, near Cooper Fountain, will close starting March 6. A new cut through located on the south side of Trojan A, near IT Services and Stabler Hall, will open providing access to the center part of campus. The Starbucks entrance walkway will also move south and a new walkway aligned with their main door will open. This new temporary path and cut through will remain until the end of May when this area will be complete and turned over.

Monday, March 18
As part of the Trojan Way project, Parking Lot 8 will be closed on Monday, March 18. Nabholz Construction will be making repairs in preparation for repaving the parking lot access road next week. Starting Tuesday, they will have at least one lane open allowing access to the parking lot.

Then on Friday, March 22, the access road will be closed again for repaving. Parking will be available in Parking Lots 13, 2, 3, 5, and 9 during this time.

Monday, April 15
4) The fences in the south section of campus, from Trojan A to Nursing, will be removed and this section of the Trojan Way will be turned over for use on Monday, April 15.


Trojan Way

The scope of this project involves:

  • Removing the red brick walkways
  • Installing new walkway materials
  • Adding campus trees
  • Enhancing campus lighting
  • Building several gathering spaces
  • Incorporating additional seating spaces along the path