Dr. Robert Corwyn

Helping Parents Raise Fit Kids

Dr. Robert Corwyn, assistant professor of psychology, uses research and statistics to bring attention to the epidemic of childhood obesity.

Dr. Corwyn recently co-authored a study in the journal Obesity, providing further evidence that strict maternal control over eating habits during early childhood may not lead to significant future weight gain. The team’s papers received international media attention, including the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the BBC.

Dr. Corwyn also researches harsh parenting, sleep hygiene, offender rehabilitation, gender differences in self control, and life satisfaction among adolescents of different ethnic backgrounds.

His research is helping the Little Rock School District evaluate its Tobacco Prevention Project. Dr. Corwyn is also the principal investigator on a National Institute of Child Health and Human Development grant evaluating service efficacy, program fidelity, customer satisfaction, and impact on student achievement in Title I schools. He is an instructor of the American Psychological Association’s Advanced Training Institute in Chapel Hill, N.C.

Dr. Corwyn earned a Ph.D. with a focus on psychology and research at the University of Memphis in 2003. He received a B.A. in liberal arts with an emphasis on business administration in 1992 and an M.S. in gerontology in 1995 at UA Little Rock.

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