Dr. Robert Steinmeier

Committed to Rigor and Fairness

The one common feature that colleagues and students find in Dr. Robert Steinmeier is his commitment to student learning. He challenges his students to learn the material in his organic chemistry and biochemistry classes but also to apply it. The results of his teaching are clear: his students have been extremely successful in their pursuit of their career goals. “Organic chemistry and biochemistry are typically the two classes feared by most students,” relates a colleague. “Students have repeatedly said to me that his approach to teaching organic has enabled them to not only do well in those courses but actually like organic chemistry. His biochemistry class is second to none in the entire state.”

Dr. Steinmeier, an associate professor, is described as the most versatile instructor in the Chemistry Department because he teaches such a wide variety of courses – from prep chemistry and physical chemistry to chemical kinetics and instrumental analysis. His teaching style is one of confidence and high quality – pushing students to gain a fundamental understanding of the subject matter that will serve them in future course work and life.

The professor came to UA Little Rock 31 years ago after earning a Ph.D. in 1975 and a B.S. degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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